The 8000 USD loan allows you to carry out a whole bunch of projects, whether they are justified (car, work) or not (personal loan). Going through our comparator allows you to obtain an up-to-date ranking of the best APR rates, but above all to obtain an immediate response. Everything you need to know to get an immediate, no-commitment credit proposal.

Credit 8000 USD: classification of APR rates

Credit 8000 USD: classification of APR rates

Our credit comparator is completely independent. We take daily stock of consumer credit offers from the largest financial organizations. The rates are listed and identified for each combination, depending on the project, the amount and the duration. The ranges of amounts range from small loans to the most common requests, such as the 10,000 USD loan or precisely that of 8,000 $.

  • Offer the cheapest credit adapted to each situation (project, amount, duration)
  • Provide an immediate response in principle

A simple credit questionnaire therefore makes it possible to obtain the classification of the best up-to-date rates, among the best online credit organizations.

How to get a basic answer?

Once the credit form has been completed, we therefore rank the best APR rates. Fortunately, our mission does not end there.

The best credit institution – based on the APR rate – is questioned immediately. The information previously provided allows the specialist to provide an immediate response.

A positive opinion results in an acceptance rate> 50%. On the other hand, a refused credit is represented by an acceptability rate <5%. It is also possible that the organization indicates an in-depth study of the file, as in the example of 10,000 USD credit below.

In this example result, the first organization needs to study the file in more depth before formulating a proposal. We therefore clicked on “online request without obligation” for the second organization, namely Viloan, and obtained an immediate favorable opinion (acceptability> 80%). Confirmation is sent by email within 24 hours. It is followed by a contract proposal.

The 8000 USD loan, a highly requested loan

The 8000 USD loan, a highly requested loan

The 8000 USD loan is the most requested in France, for several reasons. You should first know that in consumer credit, the most requested credits are the personal loan for a need for money and car credit.

Regarding car credit, be aware that the average price of a new car in France is around 20,000 USD (this price tends to fall with the arrival of low cost brands and smaller cars).

On average, the contribution is 5,000 USD (resale or take-back of the old vehicle), which leads to a credit of 15,000 USD for the new one. This does not prevent the purchase of a car through a credit without contribution, but in this case, the amount is higher. For a used car, the average price therefore corresponds perfectly to a credit of 8,000 USD.

Concerning the personal loan, we are rather around request for a credit of 5000 $. This is also what we see on the average of requests on our credit comparator. Finally, the average is still around a loan of 8000 USD.

Cheap credit $ 8,000: the benchmark for the APR rate

Cheap credit $ 8,000: the benchmark for the APR rate

In terms of credit comparator, two main approaches clash. First of all, there are the credit comparators for which the only criterion that counts is the commission they will receive. The rankings they will show you are just an illusion. They show durations and amounts of credits, they talk about quality, etc. But there is never any question of what you will pay in the end.

The only thing that matters in credit is the rate you are going to get, and the interest you are going to pay. So if you do not see a rate appear in the ranking of a comparator for your loan request 8000 USD, it is urgent to flee the comparison.

Second important thing to get the best credit rate 8000 USD: the use of the APR rate (annual effective annual rate). The law on consumer credit requires it to appear in all encrypted advertisements of financial organizations or banks. The second important thing with the APR is that it incorporates all of the fees. Not only the agios – or interest – but also all the ancillary costs if there are such as administrative costs.

It is for these reasons that we have chosen to communicate transparently on the fixed APR rate on all types of loans (personal loan, car loan, revolving loan, work loan, loan repurchase) that we present.

The cheapest 8000 USD credit: the proof

The cheapest 8000 USD credit: the proof

After having explained to you the operating mode of the credit comparators, it seems essential to demonstrate to you by A + B the interest of carrying out a comparison for a credit 8000 USD and that you see what you will gain from it.

Credit rates 8000 USD

Once you have identified that your need is precisely that of an 8000 USD loan, what you can play on is the repayment period. What you should know is that the organizations offer call rates on short durations. Even on ultra short durations, since the one chosen for their advertising is almost always 12 months.

What you need to understand is that for personal credit, the shorter the term, the lower the risk. Indeed, if the credit is repaid in a short time, there is less chance that during this period of time comes a hazard in life and therefore potentially a repayment problem. Most unpaid bills are linked to a job loss, illness, death, etc. The shorter the loan term, the more likely that nothing will happen. Since the risk is low, credit institutions do not need to provide a large margin to cover this risk. The other reason why rates are low on 12-month credit is that the credit agencies also borrow the money they lend you from the financial markets. However, short-term credit costs them less. All of this means that the lowest consumer loan rates are for the shortest durations.

How long to choose?

But for a credit period of 12 months, the monthly payments associated with a loan of $ 8,000 will be around $ 700. Which is practically impossible if you don’t make a very comfortable living or have a current loan. Credit organizations are indeed very attentive to the debt ratio on the credit issue. The law requires them to verify that each claimant has the capacity to reimburse. With monthly payments of this level, there is a good chance that your debt ratio will explode.

For a loan of 8000 USD, the most requested duration is 60 months. This type of financing makes it possible to obtain monthly payments around 150 USD. If you wish, some organizations even offer longer durations, up to 84 months, which makes it possible, for example, to approach a possibility of acquiring a car at 100 USD per month.

Use a comparator, a compulsory passage?

Use a comparator, a compulsory passage?

The question is: what do we gain by comparing the rates of organizations for a loan of 8,000 USD over 60 months? Let’s carry out a credit comparison 8000 USD for a new car using our comparator to answer it.

Comparison of the rates of a new car loan of $ 8,000 over 60 months Revisable APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
The cheapest credit from our comparator 3.39% 144.96 $ 697.60 $
Most expensive credit from our comparator 5.75% 153.19 $ 1191.40 $


The highest rate in this case corresponds to the fifth result of our comparator. It is surprisingly one of the best known online credit organizations in the market. Its advertisements appear on our screens every week. This observation is the same for each amount or type of credit. Comparing always avoids paying too much.