Cheap online credit: the exclusive ranking

To find cheap credit online, there are not 36 solutions. You have to find the best rate corresponding to your project, whatever the credit organization. We collect daily all the rates charged by the best online credit organizations. 

Not only do we provide the ranking of cheap credit deals online, but we also give the opportunity to increase your chances of being accepted to get the best rate. We have developed a unique credit questionnaire that allows you to question the 3 cheapest organizations to find out if the application is accepted. It is the only system that makes it possible to obtain cheap online credit with the possibility of actually obtaining a cheap loan, at the best rate on the market.

It is for this reason that we go beyond a credit comparator.

Cheap online credit: the banks absent

Cheap online credit: the banks absent

No cheap online bank credit

Why don’t we find banks in our cheap online credit ranking? No Bankate, no CreditCole or Society General. Banks are not specialists in consumer credit. They therefore struggle to charge truly competitive rates and even less to communicate them. It is therefore difficult for us to obtain the best rates from banks. In addition, when they offer attractive consumer credit rates, it is for the oldest customers and with good situations. And it is not in the form of fast online credit, since the requests are almost always studied in agency.

Negotiate your credit offline

We still developed a technique to try to get even better! Here are our tips. First, get the best cheap online credit rate through our comparison engine. Once you receive the best performing credit offer, make an appointment with your banker to show them this offer. Either it is able to do better and you will get a much better rate. Either you already have the best offer of cheap online credit in your hands. In any case, do not go into a negotiation without fallback solution, otherwise your banker has no interest in offering you an attractive rate. Getting the best rate online is the best idea.

How much does cheap online credit cost?

How much does cheap online credit cost?

And above all, how much can we save between a cheap online loan and the most expensive offer available at the same time?

Take the example of a 10,000 USD loan over 48 months, in the form of a cheap loan without proof of use (personal loan). It is a credit often requested which allows to obtain small monthly payments around 200 USD per month and to finance a good number of projects. To get cheap credit online, we opt for a personal loan.

Comparison of personal loan rates $ 10,000 over 48 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 2.90% 220.73 $ 595.04 $
Organization 2 3.90% 225,04 $ 801.92 $
Organization n ° 3 5.70% 232,82 $ 1175.36 $

We find that the third organization applies twice as much interest as the best. However, in both cases, they are specialists well known to the French, among the best online credit organizations. This comparison is not isolated: the APR rate differences are found on most credit comparisons.