Applying for a loan online to buy a car is something that many consider because they lack the need liquidity to pay it in cash. But where to get it? What are the options? In our loan comparator we have put ourselves to the task and we have analyzed the different options to get the long-awaited car, whether new, second-hand or zero kilometer.  

But before asking for the money, think about what you are going to spend it on and if you have made the best possible decision.  

Is it possible to save by buying a new car?

Is it possible to save by buying a new car?

First of all, we must know how to choose, something that is not always easy and requires that we remain aware of multiple variables. In fact, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) in 2015 produced a report that assured that buyers can get a discount of up to 24% of the first price offered by the dealership. Of course, we must deploy all our negotiating talent.

Specifically, this agency recommended that buyers request a budget in writing and broken down to facilitate the discussion of the terms of sale.

In the aforementioned budget, we must ask the seller to record the following aspects:

  • The base price of the car (with its general data, such as model, finish and extras).
  • The discounts and bonuses that are included.
  • Taxes such as VAT and registration tax.

With this budget in hand, which is not always easy to get since in some cases dealers are reluctant to provide this mandatory information in writing, the OCU urges us to investigate the different existing prices on the internet, in addition to checking the price in at least two physical dealerships.  

It is even a good idea to try your luck at dealerships in neighboring cities or provinces.  

Buy second-hand vehicles, are they a good idea?

Buy second-hand vehicles, are they a good idea?

Before requesting an online loan to buy a car, we also have to weigh options such as second-hand cars. Not surprisingly, with the internet it is increasingly easier to find a vehicle that meets our needs and responds to our tastes.

Thus, there are many websites whose objective is to help us in this automobile mess:, ,, and, among others. Most of them offer us the possibility of acquiring a car with guarantees and even with free shipments to the peninsula without having to travel for collection.

Also, keep these tips in mind when buying a car:

  • Individual or company? We know that it is very juicy to acquire the car from a private individual and that the offer will surely tempt you, but you can take home a vehicle whose hidden vices emerge within a few months of use. In that case, addressing the former owner to offer you a solution does not always work, because it denies that it is your fault and we have to resign or launch a lawsuit to recover our money. In any case, you should know that the Civil Code establishes that the seller must respond for a period of six months of the possible hidden defects of the vehicle.
  • Take your time. Do not act with precipitation. Meditate well on the purchase and try to advise you for a third party like a friend who is really an expert on the subject and not a mere fan of the engines.
  • Let them tell you life and miracles of that car. You need to be given all the recent, and not so recent, history of that car. Have you had previous accidents? What was it used for? Number of owners? If you have had more than one, you may not be able to track data as important as, for example, if you have been involved in a major accident.
  • The odometer can be telling you lies. The truth is that it would not be the first one that has been manipulated to hide a rather large balance of kilometers that the seller is not interested in anything that transcends. However, aspects such as upholstery and the state of the steering wheel do not usually lie, as they show the usual deterioration of the many hours behind the wheel. You must also request the documentation of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV), because there are detailed kilometers of each review.
  • You would do well to make sure that the previous owner is aware of the payment of taxes such as Circulation or that he has no fines without paying. Otherwise, you can take surprises that didn’t fit your plans at all.
  • Appraisal listings can also be very useful. Surely the National Association of Motor Vehicle Sellers (GANVAM) will come to you with pearls. Consult it if you have doubts about the scale.

Apply for a loan online to buy a car

Apply for a loan online to buy a car

Once the decision is made, you have to ask for an online loan to buy a car. Do not worry and do not allow the lack of credit to be a problem if it turns out that you cannot delay its acquisition. Thus, you probably need it to go to work, move around the city, take the children to school …

In our loan comparator, you will find numerous urgent credits to keep up with this situation. We only work with the best financiers. Therefore, you can be calm.  

Of course, you can read the opinion of previous users that can help you make the decision about the best online credit to buy a car. When you finish, don’t forget to leave us a comment about that loan you just asked for. It will be very useful for future customers. Happy driving!