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With the announcement that Monitor 2 is scheduled to release on October 4, 2022, the gaming community is getting more and more exciting day by day. Professional players are ready to learn all the rules of this new version, while intermediate players are just ready to jump into PVP combat and destroy their opposition.

Still, there’s nothing for newbie players to look forward to. If they join the game, they’ll just be destroyed by more experienced players, and that’s not much fun at all. That’s why Ranker fans have compiled a list of some of the best games beginners can play, so they can get used to the controls, art, and storytelling of video games before online games. most popular line hit the market.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers A Tale of Two Giant Sons

A unique game in which players control the two titular brothers, as they begin a journey to find medicine for their sick father, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons depicts an oddly touching story that leaves many fans reaching for tissues at the end.

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With unique controls that allow players to move both brothers at once, each puzzle is an absolute challenge, but each can be fully solved without having to search the internet for walkthroughs and cheats. While the story is certainly short, it gives new players a taste of a fun and emotional world as the brothers desperately do whatever they can to help their father.

9 papers please

papers please

In the fictional land of Arstotzka, politics are constantly changing and border agents must juggle a thousand and one rules. Moreover, too many individuals with false papers are desperately trying to enter – some for nefarious purposes, and others for less violent purposes. Like a papers please border agent, players must go through every entry visa and passport to see if the visitors are who they say they are.

Although it’s a very strange concept for an indie game, the game is surprisingly fun and tests the concentration of its players. Plus, the branching paths mean it’s highly replayable, and players have often made tough decisions or sacrificed their morality for the greater good.

8 Limbo

Limbo video game

A black and white horror game about a helpless boy trying to survive on his own, Limbo is a side-scrolling platformer that manages to feel weird every step of the way. It’s easy to grow attached to the boy, making each of his deaths as heartbreaking as it needs to be.

Plus, the game’s incredible and unique art style makes it inventive at every turn. Even in dull moments, the game never seems boring, thanks to its mesmerizing visuals. Although it’s a short experience, that only makes it even more enjoyable.

seven Thomas was alone

Thomas in Thomas was alone

rather different from Limbowhile being an incredibly popular indie game, Thomas was alone has a weird art style that initially puzzles most players. After all, the player character is nothing more than a rectangle, traversing a long, winding world of puzzles and mysteries.

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Still, the game has a story that makes sense. Rather than single falling boxes, each rectangle represents an individual piece of Artificial Intelligence doing its best to escape captivity and enter the real world. Surprisingly dense for a game about rectangles, the story is exciting, and the art suits it well.

6 Katamari forever

While not too different from previous iterations of the Katamar franchise, PlayStation 3 owners still loved the game. Although it received largely mixed reviews, it’s still a solid game according to fans, which is why many recommended that it be played by new players.

It might not be a game-changer, but for inexperienced players, it’s still a fun experience with a wild art style that leaves fans wanting more. The game, which has a crazy story that has to be experienced to be believed, is badly in need of a revival, but for now, replaying the game is enough.

5 Flower

Flower, the critically acclaimed game from ThatGameCompany

An ideal game for plant lovers, Flower is another game that does not require considerable experience with shooters or platformers. Instead, the game asks the player to do nothing more than play like a gust of wind, carrying flowers past obstacles and through winding fields.

The game isn’t necessarily something players can really lose, which is probably why players have been recommending it so much to new players. Like a gentle experience with a soothing soundtrack, Flower is nothing more than a meditative game that allows players to unwind and settle into a true moment of relaxation.

4 Gate

JJ Abrams Hints at Portal Video Game Movie

rather different from Flower, Gate is one of the most popular puzzle games ever made. When the player is given a portal gun, their job is to navigate an area using an orange portal and a blue portal that can be moved around at will.

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Far from relaxing, the player must compete against a deadly AI that wants nothing more than to kill the player. Yet, as long as players are able to navigate their portals, this AI is absolutely nothing to worry about. Players can continue to browse and understand the portal system freely.

3 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The predecessor to the game that took the world by storm at the start of the pandemic, Animal Crossing: New Leaf lets players help guide a town full of animals. As mayor of the town, players can still participate in fishing and bug catching, but they also have to help make sure things get better for the whole town, as opposed to their own mansions like in previous games.

The game also introduced the ability to visit other towns, swim, and further customize the player character. While it’s not a game with a particularly big story, it’s still a fun experience that has fans thrilled.

2 Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs Zombies Logo

Originally little more than a mobile game that challenged players to use weaponized plants to protect their garden from invading zombies, Plants vs. Zombies became a franchise in its own right. With games like The Garden War offering a three-dimensional environment for plant combat, there are options for everything players might like.

Ranker fans have recommended the game, thanks to it being one of the best strategy games for beginners, as the difficulty increases with each next level. The art is also incredibly bright and fun, which helps keep the experience from getting too frustrating.

1 Journey

As the player begins a long and winding journey through a desert, players are somewhat surprised to find that no character ever really gets a chance to speak during gameplay. Instead, they must traverse the world in silence, hoping to reach the top of the mountain before they inevitably collapse.

Surprisingly engaging and illustrating a heartbreaking story, especially for a game without a single spoken word, Journey is a game that is truly a work of art. Somehow the game still manages to get the player to root for its silent protagonist, and when the final screen appears, the short experience is as rewarding as it is touching.

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