5 + 1 tips for buying a gaming headset


The market for computer, console and mobile games is huge, so it’s no wonder that there are more and more hardware manufacturers targeting potential customers who are receptive to games with their products. The number of so-called gaming devices aimed at them has grown dramatically in recent years, and today we see that in addition to keyboards, mice, governments, gamepads, laptops and desktops that fit into machines powerful, there are also monitors that have been singled out as gamers, projectors, and headphones.

1. Comfort, weight, ear pads

There are a lot of multiplayer games at the same time, where combat and competition often take several hours. In such cases, there is literally no possibility for someone to ask for a break, to rest, so it is very important that the devices used, including headphones, are sufficiently comfortable. But even when playing without a bet, comfort is an important consideration, so it is worth making sure that the headphones themselves are not too heavy (a weight of around 350 grams is still acceptable), because after a some time, you can easily find yourself just setting. the neck of the weight of the sound device.

Convenience is the reason why we do not recommend using small plug-in headphones for prolonged use. Indeed, after 1 to 2 hours, the solution is to stimulate the ear more and more, in a terribly annoying way, which was not invented to be inserted into it.

A soft head cushion is a basic requirement and you should choose a model where the ear cushion is easy to change or there is plush or other soft material version in the box besides the traditional faux leather . This is because artificial leather, although it effectively filters out outside sounds, is difficult to ventilate, which can become particularly uncomfortable after a few hours, especially if it is hot or if the user is sweating more than average. because of the excitement and stress. Plus, if you have a spare set of ear cushions, even more people can use the same earbuds hygienically.

2. Cable

It is important that the cable can be replaced, because, in the event of faulty contact, it is not necessary to throw the product in the trash, or to have fun soldering. The 120cm cord is ideal because it allows you to use the headset with even a pocket-sized mobile device, it comfortably reaches the laptop or tablet, but it doesn’t get annoyingly curled under our feet, in front our hands. Of course, this length may not be enough if you plug the earphone into your TV, desktop, or console, so it’s a good idea to choose one that comes with an extension cord from the factory.

No matter what type of connector is at the end of the extension, 3.5mm analog audio or USB, like the latter for example, can be forgotten on the TV. It is better to have multiple versions in the box or to have an adapter. It is also worth paying attention to the jacket, as the fabric covered cable is much more tangled than traditional thin plastic.

3. Micro

It is a basic requirement that the microphone can be removed in one movement so that the headphones can be picked up on the street or on public transport without having to look like we are coming from a control tower. ‘an airport. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to position the microphone relatively freely, as it makes eating and drinking much easier.

It is important that the microphone has some form of passive or active noise cancellation technology. The wheezing and sighing can get terribly disturbing very quickly, and this is not real if the louder speech, God forbid (which is gentle in the bridge in the case of a more exciting procession) only does sounds of pounding and rage. . Manufacturers tend to talk about the technologies they use in superlatives, but you don’t have to believe everything, so it’s best to call a friend and try the microphone out to see how it actually works before you go. ‘to buy.

4. Sound quality

The same goes for technical sound quality specifications, which means companies prefer to add unrealistic data that promises phenomenal sound but is often out of control. Today, we are practically there to say that they are a good starting point, but no longer for anyone to blindly trust values. In a nutshell like a hundred, it is essential to try a product before someone makes a purchase decision; this is usually possible in department stores.

The fact that gaming headsets may not be rivals to high-end headsets intended only for listening to music, but it is also true that on the one hand they are not intended for that, and on the other hand , this is evident in the goods. In general, disproportions and purity issues are found in the sound of all products. It’s not such a big tragedy when it comes to games and watching movies, but for those who also listen to music, it can be easily chopped up if they choose a model where they stand out.

Today’s game engines don’t really support multi-channel (5.1, 7.1), so there is no need to force expensive multi-speaker solutions, and a good stereo headset will do just fine. Some models offer a way to activate the virtual surround function, but we haven’t yet come across one where it would have provided real added value without annoying errors.

5. Control panel

Basically it is possible to live without a control panel on the cable, but if it is well assembled i.e. you can adjust the volume, turn the microphone on and off, or even change the settings of the microphone. ‘equalizer, this can be very useful. This means that you don’t have to force the drivers on the computer to change the most important settings. Usually this is a part of the player earphone that looks small but can bring a lot of comfort when in use.

+1. Design

Whoever says something is an important factor influencing purchases for many. The gamer headphone product line is dominated by eye-catching shapes, vibrant tones, phosphorescent colors are not uncommon, and there’s even a room smacked by flashing LEDs. It is no exaggeration to say that there are a lot of noisy, almost messy tools that manufacturers try to target primarily young people, and often just a “gamer” is a product that looks like a futuristic spaceship and a robot child in love, what is meant by nuclear radiation.

There is really no point in having a say in the taste, at most there is enough advice to make it worth buying a product that you can even buy on the street without looking totally crazy. , or that you can watch years later without brain damage.


The difference between a helmet and a helmet can be huge. Whether you buy it for occasional use for playing music or playing Online casino in your free time, you should only buy one that you can try before. If you’re uncomfortable or really not at ease with your sound, it’s best to avoid it and instead sacrifice a little more money for a song you like better. This is because this is usually a product category where the little things count, and if you have a problem with that, you tend to sink it in the drawer.

Overall, a good headset offers a completely different experience than low- to mid-performance desktop audio devices, not to mention built-in audio systems for computers or televisions. It makes the gaming experience much more intense, it can really create the illusion of cinema in a small room with just the sound, and there are some tracks that are quite suitable for listening to music, even with loud music. smaller compromises.

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