5 to dominate the game like a pro player


Everyone in the world has had a crack at Fortnite, but that doesn’t mean everyone is good at it. Whether you’re playing on PC, consoles, or even mobile, you’re probably getting things wrong, whether it’s your first time jumping off your Battle Bus or your 500th.

So who better to give game-changing advice than Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashmanyoungest player to win a $1 million pot?

Here are some ways to level up and start snagging Victory Royales.

Right now the SMG is king


Avoid hotspots if you want to win

If you want to win, you’ll want to land somewhere safe and give yourself some time to loot. It doesn’t involve dropping where the current meta spot is to participate in firefights, but it’s safer to pick somewhere on the edge instead.

“If I want to survive, I’ll look for a place that has pretty good loot, but isn’t too crowded. You’ll probably want to go somewhere on the edge of the map,” says Wolfiez.

When looting, try to play the meta. “Right now the SMG is king,” says Wolfiez, “so you want to have one all the time for close and medium combat. It’s so good you don’t even need a shotgun anymore. for close combat.”

That won’t always be true, however. It’s easy to know which weapon is the most popular at any given time, it will be the one people are complaining about on YouTube…


Once you have your weapons, start farming materials

If you landed on the edge of the map, you’ll probably need to walk it to get into the circle. When you move there, you need to make sure you’re farming materials so you can build.

Try to do this efficiently: “A rock will give you more bricks than a wall, and a tree is the fastest way to get wood, so you want to farm rocks and trees whenever possible”, explains Wolfiez. “Keep it up to always be full of materials so you can build when you need it.”

Watching the pros play can teach you some of the optimal farming routes when heading in from the edge of the map, but don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you.


Don’t sleep in creative mode

Being able to build is key to succeeding in Fortnite, and the best way to learn how to build is to load up the game’s Creative Mode, which gives you plenty of additional tools to experiment with. Of course, you can use Creative Mode to create your own experiences, but more often than not it’s a useful place to get your build on a pitch, with multiple other people, without the pressure of an actual match.

“It’s important to make sure your bindings are optimized so you can build as quickly as possible,” says Wolfiez. “If you have good connections and they are optimal, you won’t have to work as hard to get wins.” Simply put, if you have bindings that work for your input device – whether it’s a controller or a keyboard and mouse – then you have the edge over anyone against you play that have not taken the time to configure it.

“With Creative, you die, you go back, die, go back, die, go back, die, go back,” adds Wolfiez. “The more times you die, the more fundamentally you learn. And so in Creative, you can load into a field with a lot of people and just practice.”


Dropping in hotspots is the best way to get good at combat

The only way to get good at something is to practice. This includes shootouts in Fortnite. If you’re rushing to the edge of the circle all the time, you’ll miss training and the muscle memory won’t be there.

If you hide, you won’t get better.

“You learn something from every fight,” says Wolfiez. “Win or lose, I’m always looking to fight because there’s really no point in hiding. Either you’re good enough to win fights or you have to be better. If you’re hiding, you’re not going to go. better.”

Wolfiez explains how he rushes every fight he can take as he tries to train. “Sometimes you’ll take a second and third person, but sometimes you won’t. You’ll learn the right choice with experience, but before you get that experience, you’ll have to constantly unravel to gain experience.”


Oh, and remember the look on the right side…

In Fortnite, your weapon is always on the right side of your body. This means that engaging with people on the right side of your body will give you a slight advantage. Always try to keep your right side open, whether you’re building your own structures or using cover already on the map.


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