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Every year, the video game industry travels to California for E3, a show dedicated to all the new things that are happening or are about to happen in gaming. Die-hard gamers can skip almost all week dissecting the cover and analyzing the ads. Some of us, however, are just “laid back” people who just want to know the cool stuff that’s happening. We’ll update this page as more news is announced, so stay tuned here! [Note: Some of these games are rated M and are only meant for mature audiences.]


Xbox one x

The new Xbox One X has a small form factor, a goofy name, and a lot of processing power. Microsoft

Microsoft has been teasing its new Xbox Project Scorpio for months, but it’s finally real, and it’s called the Xbox One X. Clunky name aside, the new $ 499 machine is packed with enough compute power to run games. 4K at 60 fps. It also has a liquid-cooled vapor chamber to prevent it from overheating.

To really take advantage of the upgraded Xbox One X, you’ll probably want to have a high-end system to surround it, including a 4K TV and advanced surround sound. Otherwise, you’d probably be better off sticking to the routine Xbox One S, which got a price drop to $ 249 to start with.

Oddly enough, virtual reality didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the Xbox team.

Release date: November 7

There haven’t been any real updates from Sony’s camp on the PlayStation hardware, which isn’t exactly surprising since we already have the Playstation 4 pro. Some people expected the price to drop there, but with the PS4 Pro already $ 100 cheaper than the upcoming Xbox One X, that might not be necessary from a competitive standpoint.

The Nintendo Switch is still very new, so there isn’t a lot of hardware news. For a list of all the games currently available on Nintendo Switch, click here.



It’s hard to have an E3 without Mario showing his mustached face all over. This year our favorite Italian plumber has big news in the form of a 3D game in which he tries to stop Bowser from marrying Princess Peach. Honestly, the story doesn’t really matter as it feels like the perfect blend of nostalgia and tech for Nintendo’s latest console. Now, let’s hope Nintendo makes more Switch consoles so people can actually find them.

Release date: October 27, 2017

One of Nintendo’s (or anyone’s, really) most touted announcements in the series so far doesn’t even contain any gameplay footage. People like Metroid and it’s now officially coming to the Switch.

* Sonic Forces *

Nintendo really seems to know that its fans love familiar faces. The new Sonic game looks like a mix of 3D and side-scrolling action with a somewhat surprisingly serious tone.

Release date: Later in 2017


I have always personally identified with [Kirby](http://amzn.to/2stUn3E/). He’s a hero, but he’s always hungry and that’s how I would like to be remembered. It’s Nintendo being Nintendo. It’s brightly colored, has a cheerful soundtrack, and it looks like it’ll be fun to play with friends.

Release date: 2018

Forza 7


The Forza franchise, with its bevy of brilliant supercars, has always been a platform for Microsoft to show off what Xbox can do. Forza 7 is no different, promising all manner of intense graphics and textures running at the maximum 4K 60fps resolution.

Release date: October 3

Skyrim is a game that seems to be designed for VR. There are huge worlds to explore, missions to complete, and enemies to fight. Virtual reality can make it so real that you will almost feel the arrow hitting you in the knee.

Release date: november 2017


If you’ve never played the original Life is strange game, you probably should. It’s not the typical shooter that dominates the video game landscape. It will make you feel feelings.

Release date: august 2017


If you live in the United States, you may not be very familiar with the Monster hunter franchise, but it’s huge in Japan and the new version is meant to encourage cross-region play. The game will have a four player cooperative mode that allows players to enter and exit. Nothing brings cultures together than swinging huge swords against fantastic monsters.

Release date: Early 2018

God of War: Be a warrior


One of the great franchises of the PS4 receives a new opus in the form of a new God of the war Game. In this episode, Kratos tries to balance his love for chopping up big monsters and being a dad. It’s heartwarming and incredibly violent at the same time.

Cup head


While most of the new games focus on hyper-realistic graphics, this original action game has the aesthetic of a 1930s cartoon. This game has been in development forever, but now has an official release date. it looks pretty delicious.

Release date: September 29

Gran Turismo Sport


Microsoft has Forza and Sony has Gran Turismo. This series has come a very long way since it dominated the PS1 and will now look stunning in high-end 4K. There are fewer cars this time around, but the focus is on the race itself.


With all the time that goes on in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, it’s hard to know where the true origins lie, but if this title is to be believed, you’ll find out while doing parkour all over ancient Egypt.

Release date: October 27


This Nintendo Switch title is the latest in a long line of semi-odd crossover games featuring familiar Nintendo characters. Apparently, this colorful game looks more like a turn-based RPG than an action game.

Release date: August 29


One of the most charming trailers to also include free violence comes from this adventure-style game based in the land of The Lord of the Rings. Take a look at this and tell us you don’t want to go out and do quests with Bruz, the orc.

Fallout 4 VR


So far, relatively little has been said about VR at this year’s E3, at least from many big names, but Fallout’s beloved franchise is getting some love for VR. It will be available on the HTC Vive in case you feel like diving deeper into a nuclear post-apocalypse.

Release date: October 2017


Logitech Powerplay Wireless Charging System and Mouse

Logitech Power Play Mouse Pad
There are two surface options for the mouse pad, including fabric and a hard surface. Logitech

We can probably expect a lot of peripherals to come out of E3, and so far Logitech’s wireless gaming mouse setup is one of the coolest we’ve seen. The battery charges wirelessly from the mouse pad, so it never needs to be plugged in. It works with the G703 and G903 gaming mice.

New Mario Amiibos

If you’re a fan or collector of Nintendo’s fun little connected statues, you’ll have a few new options in the coming months. Wedding-themed action figures will be timed with the release of the new Super Mario Odyssey Game. Metroid figures are also in preparation.


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