A Sri Lankan CoDM player sponsored by Activision


Umindu ‘Fly’ Perera of Noob Alliance has received official sponsorship from Activision, one of the world’s leading game publishers. Umindu, which goes by the name ‘Noob Alliance XTz.Fly’, got this sponsorship following his performances on Call of Duty Mobile (CoDM).

What does sponsorship include?

Sponsorship, exclusive to CoDM, includes a monthly stipend, in-game giveaways worth $ 300 each month, plus exclusive previews of seasonal updates / announcements. Of course, eSports player referrals are nothing new, even in Sri Lanka. But this is the first time that a Sri Lankan player has been recognized and contracted by a global game publisher on the scale of Activision.

As a CoDM player, Umindu is well known in the local gaming community. With SMGs and snipers being its weapons of choice, Noob Alliance XTz.Fly has a reputation for outperforming fragmentation and grab bullets. When he’s not busy immersing himself in CoDM, you’ll find him wearing his content creator hat, making videos in all things CoDM.

Wait, how big is CoDM?

Call of Duty is one of the biggest shooting franchises in the world and has been for years. So it has weight even on mobile. This is what helped the franchise launch its battle royale style game Call of Duty Mobile in 2019. The game was so successful that it was dubbed “Best Mobile Game” at the 2019 Game Awards.

According to activepleyer.io, there are around 210 million active players worldwide with over 30 million players per day. Even in Sri Lanka, the game is well received by hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. In fact, the CoDM is among the top five most popular android apps as well as on iOS in Sri Lanka.

What does this mean for Noob Alliance XTz.Fly and Lankan games?

Of course, that doesn’t mean game publishers are going to be waiting in line to sponsor Lankan players in impatience. But it’s an indication that local players are in the spotlight and the spotlight is not going unnoticed. Granted, Activision might not be the best name in the gaming industry right now, especially given the recent controversies. However, Umindu’s recognition is still a healthy step forward for the growing Lankan esports scene.

Just three years ago our first national esports team competed in the 2018 Asian Games. More recently we even had the national eSports. DOTA-2’s women’s team represents Sri Lanka at the Global eSport Games. Indeed, Sri Lankan eSports have been more and more eventful in recent years. So here to find out more XTz.Flyis over there !

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