Avid Gamer brings exciting Nintendo flavor to the world of Minecraft


Minecraft is a game that can literally turn into anything depending on the creativity of its fans. So far they have included multiple amazing elements in the 3D sandbox with near perfection. Recently, a Nintendo lover decided to crossover the game with a beloved Mario franchise, and with complete conviction.


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As we already know, Mario Kart is a series that offers various cool tracks and vehicles to compete and win. Well now everything can be done inside Minecraft, thanks to a fan who brought the racing game’s iconic gameplay to Mojang’s sandbox.

Minecraft, but with a taste of Mario Kart!


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The 3D sandbox was launched over a decade ago and has been ported to various platforms so far. This is due to its insane popularity among gamers who love to explore its endless virtual environment.

However, some players like to go the extra mile in Minecraft when it comes to having fun. One such fan of the game, named Cirelectric on Reddit, recently came up with an amazing addition.

The Redditor just featured an amazing crossover of Minecraft and popular Nintendo Switch game Mario Kart. They brought the latter’s vehicles into the sandpit. The player completed this task with a new resource pack that he recently completed.

Additionally, to trick others into thinking this crossover was real, Cirelectric even shared a video online. It showed the vehicles in real motion while fully functional. Not only that, they even managed to create a running track. Now that calls for a very intense racing session inside Minecraft, with the spirit of Mario Kart.

While such fan additions are always welcome, Minecraft looks awesome even without any modifications. The enthusiasm for this sandbox is such that gamers never tire of it.


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Meanwhile, hardcore fans of the title will soon be getting a fresh addition to the franchise in Minecraft Legends. It will be an RTS spin-off of the original entry.

The iconic game is now available for platforms including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.


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Are you still playing this decade-old title on your console? Let us know in the comments.

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