Battlefield Mobile opens future alpha testing to new regions


The highly anticipated tactical shooter based on the acclaimed FPS franchise of the same name, Battlefield Mobile, has announced a new alpha testing phase for specific regions set to begin soon. Although it has already hosted a few alphas, this one will feature new content such as two new maps, game modes and guns, as well as opening up to new regions.

For starters, the two new maps introduced in this specific testing phase will be Halley, a map familiar to all players of the Battlefield series, as well as a brand new map called Antelope which was created from scratch for the mobile version of the Game.

Guns, on the other hand, are plentiful this time around. We have the G3A3, an assault rifle, the AK74u, an SMG, the M4, another rifle, and the G36, another assault rifle. That’s not all, because this test will also include the SKS, M249, SAW and the M1911 pistol. So many new ways to blast your opponents range from basic rifles to massive machine guns.

Then, of course, there are the new game modes. Although this one is a little less official as none have been revealed yet, a few Twitter accounts have leaked that the most popular game mode for which the series is known, Rush, is practically confirmed to be available in the mobile edition as well.

With all of this new content being introduced in this alpha testing phase, as well as its opening up to new regions, it’s time to step into Battlefield Mobile. If you live in Mexico, Colombia, Egypt or Iraq, you can pre-register for the next test on Google Play.

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