Blasphemous’ latest expansion just released, and it’s free


The third and final expansion of Blasphemous, the extremely morbid metroidvania, has just been released, and it’s designed to connect with the confirmed 2023 sequel. The free download apparently offers a new “fate” for the world of Cvstodia, in order to properly run events in the next game. In other words, it looks like the base game’s finale will be getting a Deep Reconnect in order to accommodate the sequel.

Wounds of Eventide adds new levels, bosses, items, and secrets, so it will be worth diving into again. From the launch trailer above, it looks like these new areas are going to be quite a challenge, so you’ll probably want to complete the main game first. Yet all of the dark markers of Blasphemous are there: great decrepit ruins, a tree with a miserable face, and a massive serpent with a rude snail for its tongue.

Blasphemous has been well taken care of since its release in 2019: in the first two updates, it received a New Game + mode, a “New Torment” hardcore mode, as well as a “Demake Area” inspired by you old 8-bit platforms. Oh, and Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is playable in-game as well, which doesn’t make much sense in terms of lore, but lore shmore.

All of these additions could serve to solve one of the main problems our review had with Blasphemous, which was that at launch it lacked “depth and variety”. Still, I loved it. If you can’t wait to get started, Blasphemous is currently heavily discounted on Steam.


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