Bootleg Wordle merch doesn’t seem to understand Wordle


Wordle, am I right? We know it. We like that. We’re…probably a little tired of hearing about it on a daily basis, honestly. But we love it! Good game.

And as with anything that suddenly becomes a huge hit and becomes part of the cultural landscape, there are plenty of enterprising souls trying to make a buck riding that wave. There’s no always something wrong with that (as long as you don’t try to sell a cloned Wordle application), especially in the absence of official Wordle merchandise. If you know someone who loves Wordle, you might want to buy them a Wordle shirt or a mug or some stickers or something. If there is no official Wordle gear, you can look elsewhere.

But in the rush to release off-brand Wordle products, there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of what Wordle really is and how wordplay works on the part of some of these vendors. Once you’ve completed today’s Wordle, please follow me to the unofficial Wordle bad merchandise pit below.

(Image credit: Etsy)

I hate to break it to you, mug, but you’re clearly not owned by a Wordle champion. The mug represents solving a Wordle on the second guess, which is awesome. But then… the Wordle continues? Does it continue somehow? You get three letters on your third guess, you solve the Wordle again on your fourth guess, then blow it up on the fifth guess although you’ve already succeeded twice. And there is no sixth guess! This is the worst Wordle I have ever seen.

May be stick to this mugwho at least knows Wordle rules and what happens when you win at the final guess, and is nice enough not to print the word “Wordle” on it.

(Image credit: Etsy)

I’m two entries in and I’m already pissed off. Yes, this shirt and mug are correct, there is a word of the day in Wordle. That’s Wordle’s goal! But you can’t just… I mean you can’t paste two, three, and four letter words into a Wordle grid. Wordle is composed of five letters. And that doesn’t even… the O in WORD is yellow indicating it’s in the word but in the next line it’s gray indicating it’s not. It just doesn’t work. At all. I am furious.

(Image credit: Etsy)

OK, I’m calming down. At least they’re all nice, positive words — teach, learn, learn skills, study, reflect — and they’re all five letters. It’s a good start. But, yeah, that shirt doesn’t know how Wordle works either. You can’t go from TEACH (4 correct letters) to LEARN (5 correct letters), then to SKILL (one correct letter, and also LEARN should have won because all five letters are green), and then… OK, I’ I smoke again. I hate this shirt and no teacher should wear it.

See, here’s the right way to make a Teacher Wordle Shirt. Was it so hard?

Wordle shirt

Wordle bootleg shirt

(Image credit: Etsy)

I don’t even link to it. I mean…come on. You printed Wordle in black, on a black shirt, then just slapped on a blank grid. You haven’t even tried, man. You haven’t even tried.

Wordle Stickers

(Image credit: Redbubble – RelaxStore)

This is a sticker pack, so let’s get to it. “I would Wordle” – I assume you are expressing a desire to have sex with someone, but you are using Wordle, which means you want to stare at someone for eight minutes, touch them once in a while time, then say “Knoll? Truly ? »

We also have “I’d rather be Wordling” and “Sorry, I was Wordling”. I don’t think we as a society have really verbalized Wordle yet like we did with Google, so let’s not. “Eat, Sleep, Wordle, Repeat” – I know this is a common entry for games, like “Eat, Sleep, Minecraft, Repeat” to show how hardcore you are, but Wordle is something you do for maybe five or 10 minutes? You don’t solve 100 Wordle puzzles in one day. Doesn’t work for me.

I have no major objection to the sticker which is only 5 green squares. Guess I’d stick that on something.

(Image credit: Etsy)

This is a custom Wordle folder where you can dictate the text, so it’s just a bunch of blanks to fill in. Alright, although I’m confused by the idea of ​​a Happy Birthday shirt. First, it doesn’t fit into the puzzle, obviously, but am I buying this for someone on their birthday? Or am I buying it for myself to wear on someone else’s birthday? And what kind of gift is it? “Hey, I bought myself a shirt to wear once a year for your birthday. Happy birthday.”

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I am not made of stone. A little plush pillow with tiny arms and dots for eyes and a smiling little mouth? It’s a nice cushion. However, if the eyes are correct in proposition two, they should be present in propositions three and four. There should be six eyes and two mouths on this thing, which would then make it an abomination that should be purified by fire. Sorry, plush.

(Image credit: Etsy)

Your sweatshirt tells me a lot about you – you don’t know how Wordle works because Wordle words have five letters, not six, so Wordle itself doesn’t fit in a row.

Also, don’t judge my opening remarks. It’s currently PLUNK but I change it every two days. You don’t know me, sweatshirt. You don’t know anything about me.

(Image credit: Etsy)

Refreshing to see a Wordle shirt admitting it doesn’t know what Wordle is, so I can’t blame it for a row of seven letters instead of five. He does not know !

I question the idea of ​​buying a shirt just to complain about Wordle, though. Use an entire afternoon to complain about Wordle shirts, on the other hand? That seems alright to me.


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