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Turtle Beach gaming headsets for professional and casual gamers

By Casual gamer

Need a gaming headset? Turtle Beach has you covered.

Anyone looking to gamble online should invest in a decent gaming headset, whether you’re playing Fortnite, war zone or Among us with friends… or enemies.

Turtle Beach has a range headsets available at different prices compatible with PC and consoles.

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At the top of the line is the 600 Gen 2 headset, which costs £ 89.99.

This wireless headset has a USB dongle that plugs into your PC or console and easily syncs with the headset when turned on. The battery life is 15 hours, but the lack of Bluetooth means it cannot be used with other mobile devices.

The built-in microphone lowers from the left earcup with a satisfying thud, and the controls also on the left can be used separately for volume and mic level to balance sound levels.

The sound quality is also excellent with clarity and rich bass sounds. The headphones use Sony’s 3D audio technology for spatial surround sound, while Superhuman Hearing mode amplifies even the quietest sounds. All of this is perfect for gaming sessions, balancing voice chat and gaming audio, as well as great quality music.

600 Gen 2. (Turtle Beach)

The design looks a bit big but the headphones are surprisingly light. They are available in black or white with a green or blue border, depending on whether you are looking for the Xbox or PlayStation models.

Best of all, the headset has been designed with eyeglass wearers in mind: the soft cushions and shape of the earbuds are designed to not put pressure on your frames, essential for long gaming sessions.

To get the 600 Gen 2 headset, go to

For a cheaper option, the Recon 70 headset is worth checking out for just £ 24.99 and they’re now available in a fun white camo color.

This headset is wired so a little less flexible, but that means it can be used on multiple devices without the need for USB.

Sound quality is lacking compared to the 600 Gen 2, but still decent for the price. And the flip-up mic (though not built-in) delivers audio clarity when you’re talking.

Turtle Beach Helmet
Recon 70. (Turtle Beach)

With a lighter, more streamlined design (which cracks your head a bit), the Recon 70s are a great option for the more casual gamer looking for a quality headset.

To get the Recon 70s, head to

Turtle Beach headsets will make you look great and your games will sound great. The gameplay is up to you.

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Xbox Game Pass is casual gamers’ best friend, here’s why

By Casual gamer

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If this is your first time dipping your toes into the gaming world, or coming back after a long hiatus, you probably don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on a hobby you’re not sure you’re really using. . After all, nothing is worse than a closet full of games you’ve never played and a next-gen $ 500 system collecting dust.

It’s there that Xbox Game Passthat of Microsoft monthly subscription service that gives you instant access to hundreds of great games – is coming.

Whether you’re interested in relaxing simulation titles, fast-paced shooters, or medieval adventures, you’re bound to find a few games you love on Xbox Game Pass. Plus, the service comes in three sizes to fit your budget and platform of choice: Game Pass for PC, Game Pass for Xbox, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Try Xbox Game Pass

Here’s why we think anyone interested in joining the ever-growing group of gamers without a large upfront investment should consider an Xbox Game Pass membership.

xbox game pass

xbox game pass

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is perfect for new and old gamers

While Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is popular among longtime gamers, it’s arguably even better suited to those who are just getting into the hobby or making a long-awaited comeback. The most obvious reason for this is its huge library – the days when one walked in a GameStop and try to find a game that looks appealing. Instead, just drop onto your couch, load up your Xbox s series – that we found at deliver incredible value – smartphone or PC, and browse the catalog of Netflix-type games.

Once you’ve found a title that catches your eye, simply download it for free to your console or PC and you’re good to go. Things are even easier if you’re playing on your smartphone, as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will stream the game to your device instead of forcing you to download a large file.

If the game does end up getting out of your wheelhouse for a bit, you can just delete the game, go back to Xbox Game Pass, and find a new one. Never has there been such an affordable way to try out hundreds of games from the comfort of your home, making Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the perfect fit for anyone new to the hobby.

There is also no doubt Microsoft is all-in-one with Xbox Game Pass, as the service recently added 20 top games from Bethesda – including Skyrim and Fallout 4 – and Riders of Square Enix will be available on Game Pass on launch day. Rest assured, if you sign up for Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft won’t leave you behind.

Still not convinced of the value of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Here are some games from its catalog that might help you change your mind:

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xbox game pass

xbox game pass

How to get the best price on Game Pass Ultimate

While Xbox Game Pass is a great deal on its own, there is an even cheaper way to take advantage of the service. In short, any prepaid Xbox Live Gold subscription can be converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. for $ 1 – allowing you to take advantage of the low Xbox Live Gold prices to accumulate several months (or even years) of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

There are many ways to handle this promotion, and our detailed guide will walk you through the process if you want more information.

We strongly recommend that you use the above method to sign up for Game Pass Ultimate, but you can also find good discounts at the following retailers:


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 months)Sale Price: $ 29.99 | Regular price: $ 44.97


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (12 months)Sale Price: $ 119.99 | Regular price: $ 179.88


Sign up through Microsoft and your first month will cost just $ 1.00.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) – Regular price: $ 14.99


Target offers a purchase, get 15% off Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships. Available until March 20.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 months) – Regular price: $ 44.99

xbox games

Credit: Xbox

Which level of Game Pass is the best value for money?

Of the three, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is by far the best deal. Here is everything that is included in the service:

  • Access to over 100 games on PC and Xbox consoles

  • Ability to stream games to supported Android smartphones

  • New games added every month, including Xbox Game Studio titles on the same day of release

  • Membership discounts and offers on various games and DLC

  • Xbox Live Gold for online multiplayer and free monthly games

  • EA Play to access a growing library of EA titles, including Madden 21 and FIFA 21

The best part about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the price. At just $ 14.99 / month, you’d be hard pressed to find a service offering similar value.

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