Cell to Singularity: Beyond the Exam


Sometimes all you need to do is look up to discover a refreshing perspective on life, and in Cell to Singularity: Beyond, looking up and beyond the stars in the sky is indeed as refreshing as it gets. The idle clicker game from independent developer and publisher Computer Lunch takes all the complexities of the entire galaxy and simplifies its growth with just one click, making you, the gamer, the ultimate architect of the entire universe.

Cell to Singularity: Beyond Gameplay

When you start the game looking into the vast nothingness of space, you will have to click to collect the stardust, accumulating enough until you can create various celestial bodies. Everything you unlock comes with a little snippet of educational information to brush up on your basic science knowledge, which in itself is already an absolute delight. Reading through the information for each planet, I felt like I was back to school, wide-eyed and curious, piecing together the solar system one Styrofoam ball at a time.

Typical of the genre, Cell to Singularity: Beyond offers an extremely satisfying experience regarding the therapeutic nature of inactive clickers. Since I have groomed tennis elbows by playing too many games, I’m actually not supposed to click or type too much as repetitive motions can make matters worse. But with this game I was still able to enjoy the full experience even without the incessant clicks.

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This is mainly thanks to the super cool music in the game and its screensaver nature where you can just marvel at what is happening on the screen without needing to do anything. The game rewards you for not being careful, but it does the same when you are. For example, clicking on a golden asteroid that passes by the screen every now and then produces tons of stardust in an instant, so that certainly made up for my lack of incessant clicks.

Cell to Singularity Graphics: Beyond

The graphics in the game are really nothing fancy, but they do the job extremely well – the 3D simulations of the celestial bodies are majestic and the bursts of color are breathtaking enough to make each new discovery extremely satisfying. New discoveries, from solar flares to dwarf stars, all provide a feeling of euphoria, if only the thrill of discovery. Cell to Singularity Beyond Education

When the excitement of a new discovery wears off, you will find that each new celestial body will have its own function in your simulation of the universe. For example, some “cards” help automate each planet, while others increase the payment for stardust.

Building your universe is a slow and laborious process, but it never feels cumbersome here as you move from the inner solar system, past the asteroid belt, and beyond. Plus, the sound effects and background music have an almost meditative vibe, syncing with the visuals and adding to the low-key, zen feel of the game.

What’s the call?

Cell to Singularity: Beyond was a pleasant surprise for me, simply because I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. This being an idle clicker, there isn’t too much depth here when it comes to game mechanics or storytelling, but its progression system is still incredibly well thought out.

In particular, you cannot accelerate the growth of your galaxy just by buying your way through evolution. The gems you buy to support free play can only get you so far – they can multiply the payout a number of times to speed up your process just a little bit. But even with a bunch of gems at your disposal, you’ll still have to wait – or click – to get enough Stardust to unlock new bodies.

You’ll also need to collect enough Dark Matter to rank certain cards, which you can receive as a reward for clearing objectives or completing astronomy missions in the sidebar. Plus, there’s this cool feature of Constellations where you can get nifty bonuses for your little universe, not to mention learning a thing or two about those glorious specks of shimmering lights in the sky.

Cell to Singularity: Beyond is a refreshing change of pace from the many mobile titles available on the market today. Its relaxing nature and educational features add to the overall appeal of the game; Plus, it rewards you even if you literally look into the void.

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