Dawn attack: North Africa will be launched in spring 2022


The Panzer Division Games have announced Dawn attack: North Africa will launch in spring 2022, alongside a new trailer.

Dawn attack: North Africa launch in spring 2022 for Windows PC, via To smoke.

Dawn attack: North Africa is a WWII wargame that allows players to control Axis or Allied forces during the North African Campaign. The game features a massive map, spanning nearly 2,000 kilometers of North Africa, across a wide range of historical and hypothetical scenarios. The game can be played in turn-based or real-time formats and features several user interface designs.

You can find the latest trailer below.

You can find a preview (via To smoke) below:

Dawn attack: North Africa is a strategy game set in the North African theater of WWII. In the game, you take command of battalions, brigades, divisions and air squadrons. The game begins with the exploration of German troops in the Libyan region of Cyrenaica and ends either with the total defeat of the German-Italian Panzer Armee or with the loss of Egypt by the British and their retreat through the canal. from Suez.


  • FAST AND INTENSIVE GAMEPLAY – The game can be played in real-time or turn-based (WeGo) mode. It reflects the speed and chaos of mobile warfare in the desert. Combine that with the fog of war, and the experience of being in a Panzer Corps Command Vehicle comes to life. The game will immerse you in one of the most intense and nerve-racking experiences of WWII.
  • POLISHED INTERFACE – The in-game map and units have been designed to be clean, informative, and easy to understand. You can choose how your units will look: as top view models or unit counters. With the ability to zoom out and see the entire battlefield at a glance, you’ll have the best possible situational awareness.
  • HISTORY – The game features campaigns and storylines – both historical and hypothetical. They were designed after careful research into historical battle orders and battle histories. Particular attention was paid to the composition of the armies, the combat values ​​of the individual units and the overall authenticity of each scenario. Check out our series of historical maps and articles created based on our research: https://www.attackatdawn.com/news/categories/blog
  • BIG CARD – The game features a large map, covering a distance of almost 2000 kilometers and you can use the scenario editor provided in the game to create your own scenarios anywhere on this large battlefield. Starting from the bay of Sirte in Libya and extending to the Suez Canal in Egypt, the relief varies between sea, desert, mountains, wadis, ports … There is a long asphalt road “Via Balbia” covering the entire length from the map, and a handful of well-known desert trails leading into the deep Sahara.

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