Destiny 2 Haunted Sectors Guide


The Festival of the Lost is here and there’s a new activity to complete in Destiny 2. The Haunted Forest is definitely gone, so this year you’ll visit spooky Haunted Sectors where you’ll face off against powerful headless bosses. Before you get there, however, you’ll need to speak to the event’s saleswoman, Eva Levante, at the tower. You can check how to get started with Festival of the lost hereSo let’s get started.

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How to access Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2

First, talk to Eva to get the Gone but not Forgotten questline and a mask from your favorite cryptarch. You will also be able to collect bounties here, and if you have masks from previous seasons, feel free to equip them as well. You will need to wear your mask in the activities and collect 100 candies and three Spectral pages. Earn them by completing activities and killing enemies, so it’s pretty straightforward.

You can participate in strikes or play multiple public events to complete this step. Once you’ve done that, talk to Eva again to access the Haunted Sectors playlist via the tower. You will need to perform a summoning ritual to summon a A headless, a tough boss with a spooky pumpkin head. These guys are pretty hard to beat, so a pre-made squad is your best bet. Eventually, they’ll summon another boss, Demiks, the Forgotten, and you’ll have to defeat him as well.

He will become immune in phases, so find the green pumpkins lying around and throw them at him. During your stay in the Haunted Sector, you will turn Spectral pages in Manifested Pages by beating the Headless Ones and opening the chest at the end. Once the boss is defeated, talk to Eva again and she will ask you to interact with the Book of the Forgotten to get history pages.

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How to get the legendary Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle

Once you’ve done all of that, talk to Eva one last time to receive the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle. Interestingly, you can change the color of the rifle despite the name, so my Jurassic Green rifle is now pink. Its intrinsic advantage is the rapid-fire frame, which gives it larger ammo reserves and faster reload speed when the magazine is empty.

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