Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Review


A major new expansion for the destiny the player base is now available with additional new content and story – so we made a Destiny 2: The Witch Queen review. Take your guardian to a new place to face the greatest threat to the Light yet. References to the first destiny game can also be found in this story which features ties to your own Vanguard.

New mechanics like weapon crafting allow you to customize weapons with chosen mods, shaders, and different combinations of stats. By picking up a new type of weapon, Glaive, you can defeat enemies with an array of tools within it. Finally, your story will take you to the Witch Queen, the throne world of Savathûn, where you will uncover mysteries and revelations. Find out what we thought of it here with our Destiny 2: The Witch Queen review.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Bungie
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Stadia, Microsoft Windows (revised)
Release date: February 22, 2022
Players: 1-3
MSRP: $29.99

The planet Mars has reappeared in the Solar System, accompanied by Savathûn, the Witch Queen who has a new trick up her sleeve. With his reappearance and boarding his ship, you discover that there are enemies who share a commonality with you. Savathûn stole and used the Light to create his own Guardians to fight.

Traveling to the throne world of Savathûn to investigate leads you to uncover more secrets about his past and yours with the Vanguard. Learning that Savathûn has gained the Light, she created Guardians who have their own Ghosts and can reappear, just like you. Her past can be uncovered by traversing the depths of the throne world swamp and battling other witches.

There are tricky puzzles and plenty of story segments that catapult this to be the best Destiny 2 has already been. The amount of content for the story has been a treasure trove, even linking back to the original destiny for those inclined.

The content in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen can be viewed anytime with friends and adds more easy-to-follow knowledge. Even if you’re new, you can still grasp the basic story concepts, but it would be advisable to play the base game up to this point.

Catching up with Destiny 2 may be what most untracked players can do before jumping into this expansion. Relearning the mechanics and increasing your light level will be helpful for the difficulty of the expansion, but is not required.

A tip for those looking to get back into the swing of things, learn their weapons, and take their time modifying their gear to suit their playstyle. Legendary difficulty, obviously, is hard but nearly impossible with simple casual play. .

Participating in other open-world quests and strikes will also help you through the game loop to advance, and even help you identify enemies later on. One thing that has helped progress in our Destiny 2: The Witch Queen the review is to have someone help me understand the quests, follow them, and learn about weapon drops and their attributes which may vary.

Some additions included in this expansion are the new raid with the new throne world that you can go through and find new strikes. From inside the palace to the swamp and its hidden caves and paths, you can discover more lore and enemies to defeat. . The new Glaive weapon type is a useful new addition that allows for melee damage, powerful projectiles, and a chargeable shield.

In addition to the Witch Queen, there is a Deluxe Edition which includes the Season Pass for Seasons 16-19, two Year 5 Dungeons, and Exotics such as an SMG, Catalyst, Ornament, and sparrow. Destiny 2 will still retain 30th anniversary content with this new update, but has also removed Destiny 2it’s Abandoned expansion that features Cayde-6’s conclusion to the story.

After completing the main campaign of our Destiny 2: The Witch Queen review, I found that you can now select which missions you want to revisit. A few other additions are the weapon crafting system which has been introduced to allow you to craft custom weapons. You can add perks that can control impact, range, handling, reload speed, and more.

Selecting up to 4 perks will enhance your weapons’ abilities and sculpt them the way you want. Finding certain weapon blueprints will allow you to craft these weapons, most of the time these are legendary weapons so you can customize them to your liking without the massive grind. It’s a great addition, especially for new players who want the game to feel the way they want with their guns.

A note on the already impressive graphics in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the Throne World. It is a very white structural palace with shades of shrub red, brown and burgundy.

The swamp is murky, green and brown and definitely feels rough going through it. I loved seeing all of these places in the throne world and in 4K, especially with the sense of distance with distant waterfalls and even taller structures.

In all, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is packed with a ton of not only new, but good content. That’s what’s most important when it comes to a live service game like Destiny 2 and it’s good to see Bungie doing what they’ve done before. Bungie was acquired by Sony just a month ago but it still has its independence here and that’s great.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen was reviewed on Windows PC using a copy provided by Activision Blizzard. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s Review/Ethics Policy here. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is now available for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


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