EA Execs Irate Over ‘She’s a 10’ Tweet Made By Non-Gamer Social Media Team


A playful meme tweeted by Electronic Arts’ social media team has infuriated executives after a tongue-in-cheek case of blowback.

As reported by USA Today, the tweet, posted on June 30, gained traction after users noticed how flawed it was. “They are a 10 but they only like to play solo games,” it read. The post was intended to be a play on the trending “She’s a 10 but…” doing the rounds, a meme format that typically calls out satirical character flaws or red flags. The tweet quickly drew scorn from EA, with several industry players and leaders commenting and mocking the post. Apparently, the fervor generated by the tweet has garnered enough attention to necessitate an “everyone on deck” meeting of EA executives.

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Inside sources were quick to acknowledge the backlash to the tweet, noting that whoever posted it must not be familiar with video games, the gaming industry, or even EA’s backlog. Many Electronic Art studios are also developing single-player games. In fact, the company was well known in the past for releasing many hits that were solo-only experiences. These games range from hardcore entry to parkour mirror edge a few episodes of the space adventure Mass Effect.

“I’m 99% sure whoever posted the tweet and his manager didn’t even know about the single player games comment from a decade ago,” a source told USA Today, referring to the “death of the single-player game” commented on by EA Games label president Frank Gibeau in 2010. “They’re all new, and most of them, to my knowledge, aren’t really game industry people game. Whoever posted this tweet didn’t know and wasn’t being taken care of properly to make sure something like this didn’t happen.”

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The EA team debated ways to respond to the unwanted negative attention, one of which included asking EA studios to respond to their publisher in a mocking way. However, that idea fell apart and the company chose to apologize for the post, albeit in a much more casual way. “Well deserved roast,” he said in response to users’ ridiculous responses. “We’ll take that L because playing single player games actually makes it an 11.”

This isn’t the first time the developer has been the butt of scorn in recent memory. Electronic Arts has become infamous with gamers over the past decade for its extensive use of microtransactions in gaming, the most notable of which is the use of loot boxes that provide perks in Star Wars Battlefront 2. This controversy would lead to tougher gambling laws and even give EA the most criticized comment in Reddit history.

Source: USA Today


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