Embracer Group acquires Dark Horse, Perfect World Entertainment and more


Embracer Group acquires Dark Horse, Perfect World Entertainment and other significant acquisitions alongside their already massive number of subsidiaries, the companies announcement.

While Embracer Group acquires Dark Horse, other companies include Perfect World Entertainment, DIGIC, Shiver Entertainment and Spotfilm Networx.

Black Horse

Dark Horse is a leading entertainment company founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson and based on the idea of ​​establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals: where writers and artists were treated as partners. This formula attracted the best creative talent, and 30 years later the company became the third largest comic book publisher in the United States, with a successful track record in producing films and television series.

With this acquisition, Embracer strengthens its transmedia capabilities by adding expertise in content development, comic book publishing, and film and television production. Dark Horse owns or controls over 300 intellectual properties, many of which can provide a solid foundation for the future development of IP transmedia and the opportunity to fertilize IP and strengthen licensing partnerships on PC, console, VR and mobile.

Dark Horse is headquartered in Milwaukie, Oregon, United States, has entertainment offices in Los Angeles, California, United States, and has 181 employees in its three business units.

Dark Horse’s growing library includes over 300 compelling intellectual properties. With a structure and a proven ability to produce intellectual property, partner with top creative talent, and build global brands and successes, Dark Horse is in a strong position in a market where entertainment content is at a high level. request. This point of proof can be seen in Dark Horse’s strong pipeline of over 40 projects at Netflix, Amazon, Syfy, Sony, MGM, Universal, and Warner Media.

Perfect world entertainment

Once the transaction is finalized, PWE will operate within the Embracer Group as a subsidiary of Gearbox Entertainment Company, focusing on publishing and game creation. PWE has a team of 237 full-time employees, including the team behind the publishing unit. Through the acquisition of PWE, Gearbox Entertainment will integrate PWE Publishing and Cryptic Studios, both of which will remain independent within Gearbox Entertainment. This acquisition will strengthen the Publishing division of Gearbox Entertainment.

Founded in 2000 and based in Los Gatos, California, Cryptic Studios is one of the few studios with experience launching and operating multiple MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) on a large scale. The studio has a track record of success with three of the last four launches having achieved significant commercial success. Neverwinter and Star Trek Online remain the top performing MMOs with very engaged user bases. Cryptic has a team of 136 employees.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., PWE Publishing is known for publishing leading titles for PC and consoles based on well-known global entertainment franchises such as the Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons games from Cryptic Studios. PWE Publishing’s product portfolio also includes the popular Torchlight series, as well as Remnant: From the Ashes, in partnership with Embracer-owned development studio Gunfire Games. PWE Publishing has a team of 101 employees.

Cryptic Studios currently operates three long-standing MMOs (Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online) with a common lifespan of over 25 years. These stocks are generating significant profits and Embracer expects live Cryptic stocks to continue to be strong and stable for years to come. PWE Publishing has a compelling roster of upcoming games while continuing to assess new opportunities. On the existing list, PWE’s next launch is slated for 2022 with five more versions by 2024. In calendar year 2021, the companies are expected to generate net sales of around SEK 700 million. This includes some revenue from discontinued products at Cryptic.


DIGIC, based in Budapest, Hungary, is an animation studio founded in 2002, with a solid background in creating commercial trailers and cutscenes for top-selling game titles. They’ve also created award-winning content for shows like Love, death and robots on Netflix. The acquisition of DIGIC also includes the subsidiaries of DIGIC DIGIC Pictures Kft and DIGIC Services Kft.

DIGIC is led by founder Alex Rabb, a longtime industry veteran in the games and film space. Alex worked closely with the late co-founder of DIGIC, Andrew G. Vajna (Rambo, Terminator, Die hard) using their Hollywood background to bring AAA production values ​​to DIGIC’s operations. Alex Rabb will continue to lead the operations with a long term commitment to the business and a considerable incentive to grow. DIGIC employs nearly 400 FTEs, located in Budapest (plus 40 to 50 additional independent experts). The company has established itself around the world with its multi-award-winning 3D animation for the video game industry, feature films and commercials. DIGIC is best known for crafting all of their work with an incredibly high level of detail, with lifelike characters and beautiful environments brought to life using world-class lighting and rendering. The directors of DIGIC use epic cinematography with film industry storytelling techniques to create visuals.

The acquisition adds a talented team with a solid background in creating AAA cutscenes, trailers, and concept art. Within the Embracer group, DIGIC will operate as a subsidiary of the Saber Interactive operating group. DIGIC will also contribute to internal projects with Gearbox, THQ Nordic, Coffee Stain and Koch Media and further strengthen Saber Interactive’s work-for-hire business.

Thrill entertainment

Florida-based Shiver, headquartered in Miami, is a game development studio founded in 2013 that focuses on game development, co-development, and porting projects across platforms and platforms. genres.

Shiver is led by founders John Schappert and Jason Andersen, both with significant experience in leadership roles within the gaming industry. John was previously COO of Electronic Arts and Zynga and ran Xbox Live for Microsoft. He and Jason also founded Tiburon Entertainment, which eventually became EA Tiburon, one of the largest and most successful studios in the world. Shiver hires a dedicated team of 17 experienced developers, who have successfully collaborated with leading publishers on popular game projects such as Mortal Kombat. The team also has original game plans in the works for release in the near future. The acquisition adds two well-respected industry veterans to the Saber business group, additional development capabilities and, most importantly, significant business development prowess.

Within the Embracer group, Shiver will operate as a subsidiary of the Saber operating group. Schappert will take on significant responsibilities within Saber’s on-demand work activity. Shiver Acquisition Further Strengthens Saber’s U.S. Presence

Spotfilm Networks

Spotfilm Networx is the leading AVOD channel operator in Germany, located in Berlin, Germany. Spotfilm was founded in 2010 by Peter von Ondarza and is directed by Managing Director Hauk Markus. Spotfilm Networx now has 18 full-time employees and eight interns.

Spotfilm Networx operates 20 AVOD channels and two subscription video on demand (SVOD) channels, hosting 3,000 videos on YouTube with over 7 million unique visitors, and runs its own Spotfilm Networx streaming website and app with over of 4 million downloads.

With its Netzkino channel, Spotfilm Networx contributes to one of the most popular ad-supported streaming platforms in Germany. With 4 million users and around 20 million movie views per month, Netzkino is already the largest feature film channel in German-speaking countries.

Spotfilm Networx will be a fully-fledged operational subsidiary of the Koch Media operating group and will continue to operate from its current facilities.

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