Good Gamer Entertainment’s New Playcash Platform Offers Cash Incentives


Good Gamer Entertainment (TSXV: GOOD) (OTCQB: GGAMF) announced the launch of its subsidiary’s launch of the play-to-earn discovery platform Playcash in the Google Play Store.

The playcash platform rewards players for downloading and playing games. It also includes an incentive for its readers to complete surveys that can be redeemed for gift cards and prepaid cash cards from online retailers and the two most popular credit card companies. The setup is simple: the more someone plays or the more surveys users complete, the more money they can earn.

“Hyper casual games compound more than 50% of total mobile game downloads in 2021. We believe this app will be the ultimate loyalty program for mobile gamers by incentivizing users with real-money rewards for their game time, increasing the value to life and loyalty for our games and our partners. The launch of Playcash gives us the opportunity to expand our user base at a much lower cost per install. It will also be a game launcher cross-promoting our growing library of hyper casual games and in-house tournaments,” said Charlo Barbos, CEO of Good Gamer.

Good Gamer Entertainment is a developer of games and gaming platforms to win. Playcash is the company’s key app, offering free games and games to win models, covering all genres, including arcade games, puzzles, social casinos and hyper casual games. But where players can also earn income by watching rewarded video ads. Good Gamer has another called Tournament Management, which matches players in competitive tournaments to compete for real money in Esports tournaments and has global service partners such as Amazon Web Services and MogoDB Atlas. The company also has its own play-to-earn blockchain game called the Chosen Ones.

Typically, this type of app is supported by non-fungible tokens, where players compete for NFTs or other crypto-assets as rewards. These in-game assets can otherwise be stored, traded, or transferred on the blockchain for cash. For the Chosen Ones, Minting Software for NFTs creates a smart contract on the Polygon blockchain where players can mint and buy NFTs are and access NFTs on the ChosenOnes marketplace.

Considering the rising rate of inflation, it’s entirely possible that people are looking for another way to entertain themselves and supplement their income. Barbos believes he has a recession-proof product in Playcash, primarily because unlike other games and play-to-earn blockchain titles, his product is supplemented by advertising revenue rather than cryptocurrency.

The global P2E games market size is expected to reach USD 3.6 billion by 2028, from USD 755 million in 2021.

Good Gamer rose a penny today and closed at C$0.15.


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