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German game company Goodgame Studios has teamed up with US developer Candywriter to launch BitLife in Germany.

BitLife is a text-based mobile simulation game where players make choices about becoming a “model citizen”, such as starting a family or finding the perfect job.

The partnership will see BitLife culturally adapted for the German market and released as BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation, as well as the two studios “transcreating” future content.

Goodgame Studios and Candywriter are both part of the Swedish game company Stillfront Group.

Stillfront acquired Candywriter last year for $ 74 million, with a total of $ 195 million including top-up bonuses, and acquired Goodgame in 2017 for $ 318 million.

Live your ideal life

“Our strategic partnership with Candywriter includes extensive distribution and transcreation
of BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation to the German public, ”said Oleg Rößger, CEO of Goodgame Studios.

“With our brilliant marketing team and the collective talent of both studios, we are able to push BitLife’s expansion forward.”

Candywriter founders Nadir Khan and Kevin O’Neil added, “In Goodgame Studios we found a strong partner who would help us bring BitLife to German gamers. We look forward to working closely with their team to expand the reach of the game to other communities – as well as multiple native languages ​​- in the near future.

BitLife DE – Lebenssimulation is currently available for free download on the App Store and
Google Play Store.

Goodgame Studios recently launched its in-house publishing arm which will begin to focus on publishing mobile games, starting with Magnific Games’ War Alliance.

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