Haegin brings 7-Eleven to the casual Play Together mobile metaverse | Pocket Gamer.biz


South Korean mobile game developer Haegin has teamed up with the South Korean branch of American convenience store chain 7-Eleven to bring the store into the metaverse.

As part of the partnership, the store will be integrated with Haegin’s casual social mobile game Play Together, where players can explore and navigate the convenience store and interactive experiences of its services, including kiosk and package delivery.

Additionally, 7-Eleven mascots “Veny” and “Barbara” will also be joining the Play Together metaverse alongside in-game costumes based on the mascots.

Haegin and 7-Eleven Korea will team up to add additional in-game content later, including delivery missions and card games.

Practical partnership

Metaverse games, especially Roblox, have proven to be a popular advertising platform for fashion brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Forever 21, as they help increase audience reach while maintaining game value. real world products. Non-fashion brands have also partnered with metaverse games, such as Chipotle and Nascar.

Earlier today, Sensor Tower released a report indicating that mobile games make up 20% of all apps that include the metaverse in their description or title, with a significant amount also focusing on cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


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