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By Nawara Fattahova

A A group of young Kuwaiti gamers got together on social media and formed “Gamer Snack” to provide gamers with information and news on new video games, latest technology, movies, youth activities and games. gaming conventions. Gaming has become a means of entertainment just like movies, soap operas and other hobbies. Those interested in video games can keep up to date with all things gaming through the various channels of Gamer Snack.

Mohammed al-mutairi

“We started as amateurs with a blog in 2013 founded by my brother Khaled Al-Mutairi. Later, we thought to present to the public the experience that we have acquired during these years. When we started, only blogs in English were available in this area, ”Gamer Snack co-founder Mohammed Al-Mutairi, computer engineer and graphic designer told Kuwait Times.

Fairly quickly, Gamer Snack started to gain popularity. “Our team has become influencers in GCC countries and in the Arab world. Local and even international companies working in the tech industry have started contacting us to give us updates on their new products exclusively to review them before they reach consumers. They also invite us to their events, which we cover for the benefit of the public, ”he said.

Gamer Snack has gained the trust of the public and a large number of followers on various social media networks. “We started on YouTube, where we now have over 1.6 million followers. We then expanded to other social media including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. We received a Subscriber Award from YouTube when we hit 100,000 subscribers, and another when we hit one million subscribers, ”Mutairi said.

Gamer Snack has other movie and tech social media accounts. “We present interesting and informative content for young people. Unfortunately in Kuwait the exposure is not very wide and not many people here know us, although we are popular internationally. The media in some GCC countries and the West have interviewed and reported on us, but in Kuwait they don’t pay attention to us, ”he lamented.

“We have organized many video game events and competitions. Our team has participated in many local and international events and fairs, to which we have been invited by the most famous technology and video game companies. We did professional coverage of these events which we presented to our subscribers, who lived the experience as if they were attending, ”Mutairi said.

In Kuwait, almost all households have gamblers. “We specialize in all kinds of video games including PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. After this space grew and social media became popular, companies in this field became more diverse in their advertising. We are more professional than other social media influencers, and that’s why we receive invitations from international companies to cover their events and products. We cover from an Arabic perspective to reach our subscribers in Arabic. Mobile video games are covered on Mobile Snack. This account specializes in mobiles, tablets and laptops and games on these gadgets, ”explained Mutairi.

“The team started with two people – me and my brother. Today, 10 people work daily. We have more people working during the events. Our team is available to the public at all times. We will answer any questions from people related to our content. The content of Gamer Snack is currently in Arabic, but we have a new Instagram account in English and we are currently working on the translation of all the videos on our Arabic accounts, ”he told the Kuwait Times.

“We have learned that there will soon be an official team of players formed by the youth and sports authorities. This national team will include professionals from various games, similar to those from other countries, ”Mutairi revealed. According to him, the cost of producing video games today can reach the cost of producing movies. “Popular actors are playing some video games today. Even the shooting is done with cinema technology and design. Video game accessories are also bestsellers, ”he concluded.

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