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It’s vital for publishers and hyper casual studios to work closely together to achieve long-term success. Creating clear and consistent communication between studio and publisher throughout the development process, and providing ongoing product feedback to help the studio build a portfolio of successful titles, can have a significant positive impact on success rate.

Over the years, Voodoo has worked with a wide range of studios and solo developers, creating a tried, tested, and proven approach to building strong relationships. We believe that we are an integral part of our partner studio teams and therefore our partnerships are long-term, direct and ultimately successful.

Read on for our top six tips on how to foster better collaborations in the hyper-casual space in 2022 and beyond.

1. Flexible launch of key performance indicators (KPIs)

Defining informed and data-driven KPIs for the launch is essential to show the first indicators of success. But these KPIs need to be flexible, because even with rigorous testing, hits sometimes demonstrate a combination of strengths and weaknesses in their first test metrics.

For example, if a prototype has a high cost-per-install (CPI) but strong engagement metrics, we would deploy teams of developers and marketers to work with a partner studio and increase the early commercialization of a game. Conversely, if a game has a low CPI with low retention metrics, we will prioritize building thorough, custom product roadmaps and allocating additional resources to execute them. Our role as a publisher is also to understand the hidden potential of a game, beyond its first metrics.

Our role as a publisher is also to understand the hidden potential of a game, beyond its first metrics

Alexandre Shea

2. Flexible launch times

Studios should expect a degree of flexibility and control over their launch times. We’ve hardly ever turned down a launch or delay whenever a studio makes a compelling case in that direction. Similarly, you should expect a high degree of candor and reality checking in the prototyping phase – we’d rather kill off a prototype that has no chance of scaling, than provide more news. comforting feelings that can ultimately cost a studio days or weeks of fruitless work.

3. Flexible business solutions

Not all studios will have the same business needs. Some will need higher levels of financial support, while others will be happy to take on more risk in order to reap higher rewards.

4. No blocking period

Publishers must have enough knowledge and data to be able to determine whether or not prototypes have the potential to become a success in a relatively short time; sometimes as little as a week. Removing lockout periods keeps you in control of your prototypes and ideas.

The best partnerships involve tailored coaching for studios at all experience levels

Alexandre Shea

5. Coaching and resources for success

The best partnerships involve tailored coaching for studios at all experience levels. Giving studios that have developed promising prototypes some hands-on time helps turn their prototypes into global hits. E-learning platforms can also be hugely beneficial for any studio with step-by-step guides on how to make successful games, while live streams and regular market reports will help keep you up to date. aware of best practices and current industry trends.

6. Studio communities to share experiences

Building a studio community by hosting online and in-person events is key to learning from others and their experiences. Meeting other studios will not only help in terms of knowledge sharing, but can also spark inspiration for your next big hit.

The long-term value of upgrading your partnerships

When it comes to hyper-casual partnerships, communication and flexibility are key. As a studio, if you have more flexibility in terms of KPIs, launch timelines, and business models, as well as powerful coaching, resources, and events, the benefits will add value. long-term to the success of your team.


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