Identity V celebrates its fourth anniversary with two new crossovers


Identity V, NetEase’s asymmetrical multiplayer survival game for mobile, has just completed four years of existence. To celebrate the game’s anniversary, the developers are holding a variety of in-game crossover events that players can participate in and collect lots of rewards. Recently, the livestream also took place to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Identity V. Fans took a trip down memory lane, reliving past events while taking a peek at future collaborations with All-Star Game and IJL. League.

Identity V’s Oletus Manor appears to have traveled back in time. Meanwhile, in a sprawling city, this owner of Time Photo Studio has acquired magical powers, and with the support of his customers and the guidance of Lu Guang, Cheng Xiaoshi enters the world of photography. Either way, the truth will be uncovered at all costs. In case you haven’t guessed, this is a crossover with Link Click and there are plenty of rewards waiting for you upon completing this mystery.

Next on the list is a collaboration with the Angels of Death. Rachel woke up in a basement, but she didn’t know why or how she got there. She tries to escape but comes across Zack, a murderer who promises to kill her once free. Regardless of that fact, the two try to escape together but of course, a ton of twists and turns await them. The Oletus Mansion is really going to be home to some weird stuff with these two events. But the crazier the events, the better the rewards.


On top of that, Identity V has also released an anniversary-themed video for Season 22, along with new information about the survivors and the Ashes of Memory storyline which is set to release around December. Don’t forget to claim ten memory spheres available for free.

Download Identity V now for free by tapping one of the links below.

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