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Using silhouettes and shadows for 2D action or platform puzzles was an original and creative approach to making a game. Donkey Kong Country Returns with its elegant silhouette scenes, Limbo was a game bathed in darkness and Lost in the shadows was a cult Wii classic that stands as one of the best examples of what artists could do with the concept. A new indie game is trying to recapture this, so we tried with our In my shadow review.

Since then, several indie games have attempted to use this style to convey a dark vibe. It has the added benefit of lowering costs for detailed characters without compromising visuals. There probably won’t be a shortage of 2D games that rely on shadows and In my shadow comes with its own gadget; what if players could move objects to modify shadows? “.

How does Playbae explore this premise and end it with a seemingly personal story about a woman who regrets? Sloppy presentation, rough controls, and no-substance storytelling, that’s exactly how In my shadow shakes up its concept. Read more in our review In My Shadow!

In my shadow
Developer: Playbae
Publisher: OverGamez
Platforms: Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (reviewed)
Release Date: December 21, 2021
Players: 1
Price: $ 11.99

In my shadow review

In my shadow looks like it’s a prototype of a good idea. The basic gameplay loop is that the player has to collect three items and reach the other side of the room like a shadow. To achieve some of the collectibles; Expect to move boxes or furniture around in 3D space, so that objects cast a shadow and the player’s shadow can use them as platforms to reach the objects.

It is not enough just to be able to collect the coupons, the arrangement of the items must also be in place so that the shadow player can also reach the goal on the right. This is where the heart of In my shadow and what the base gameplay turns on.

As progress is made, traps and mobile platforms are introduced. However, In my shadow is inconsistent when it comes to visualizing these elements in 3D space. The choo-choo train going around in circles makes sense for a moving platform in the shadows, but spiked shadows that cause instant death aren’t contextualized in the same way.

Other inconsistencies, such as how only certain objects can be rotated, but not others, will become frustrating. Arranging objects takes most of the time during game play and can make the experience feel more like a household simulation than a platform game. It will ultimately make a lot of sense to anyone who plays In my shadow, because the platform mechanisms are terrible.

The first thing noticed when doing our In My shadow review is extremely uncomfortable jump controls. There’s little else the protagonist can do but jump, and this simple action was completely sloppy. This little runt gets a pretty decent vertical jump, but doesn’t gain the right distance. It looks especially bad when performing a jump while running, as inertia is lost during takeoff.

In addition to these inconsistent jump mechanics, the player character is very unresponsive. It goes from zero to 60 and is difficult to stop; making the precision rig much more difficult than it actually is. Entries are also delayed and will sometimes require the press of a button to get anything to record.

Absolutely most boring oddity of In my shadow is the slow respawn time that has faded too long. This is a game where attempts should be instantaneous, with barriers or friction as low as possible to ensure a smooth and smooth experience.

In my shadow has instant death and the puzzles are solved quite quickly when the solution is found. Due to sloppy checks, expect several undeserved kills and a slow, tedious respawn. As if it couldn’t be worse; this low specification indie game performs poorly on Xbox Series S.

Somehow, despite the visuals looking something like a mobile game, the frame rate is very choppy. When arranging objects, fluidity generally holds up better. When you play as a shadow, the framerate goes wild. In my shadow doesn’t have anything that should tax a Wii and seeing this game struggle to maintain a stable frame rate is a headache.

Artistic direction can be generously characterized as “missing”. Most of the objects and textures lack styling and look like they were purchased from the Unity 3D model store. In some cases, the seams of the textures are visible – a telltale sign of an amateur.

The house the game takes place in cannot decide whether it is a dollhouse or a real house. It doesn’t matter, since the rooms represented in the game do not look like any. Nothing seems real or genuine. If it’s meant to be a real home, no attention is paid to making the environment feel inhabited or have a sense of style.

Scaling of objects or furniture relative to characters is also disabled and inconsistent throughout the game. Some geometries are also overlapped incorrectly; like a carpet running under a fireplace. The designer should have opted for something more minimalist to make up for the lack of resources.

The character modeling and cutscenes are particularly weak. At best scenes from In my shadow look like a very rough preview for scenes that were never made. Apart from a handful of instances that end the game, the majority of all scenes use non-animated character models in a key pose instead of animating anything.

At this point, the developer may as well have used 2D art to convey the scenes. The models aren’t expressive enough to convey what’s going on and it’s meant to be a touching story about an ungrateful woman who regrets being a selfish girl.

The story relies on on-screen text to get its point across. These inner kid’s monologues don’t help make the character likable. She just comes across as a loathsome punk who needed a slap in the face. The whole story is about this woman who reflects on how she was a stupid kid and can’t get over it, while ghosting her parents. The gain is as satisfying as the gameplay.

In my shadow review

The developer naturally had limited resources when creating In my shadow. Their ambitions were too big for what they were able to realistically achieve. They probably should have leaned more into the 2D angle of play instead of the tedious object placement mod of the experiment.

Telling a story was very clearly one of the developer’s main goals for In my shadow. This is underlined by the fact that the start screen allows players to skip the level entirely and without any consequences. Selfless players can jump straight to cutscenes if they can’t bother to endure In my shadow.

When we do our In my shadow review, we found that this is the kind of indie game that is so poor that it gets interesting. The layers of incompetence overlap to create something worth talking about and are dense with examples of what not to do when making a game. Sometimes it’s funny that something. thing like In my shadow may exist and cost more than some original Xbox games in the Xbox Store.

In My Shadow was reviewed on Xbox Series S using a copy provided by Overgamez. You can find additional information on Niche Gamer’s review / ethics policy. here. In my shadow is now available for Windows PC (via To smoke), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

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