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Will Freeman is content strategist for AudioMob.

Mobile game publisher Socialpoint has developed a global reputation for quality, creativity and reach. Their creations such as Word Life deliver engaging experiences, expertly blending high-end production quality with accessibility that has attracted vast audiences across many demographics. Likewise, Socialpoint has seen its games retain customers for significant periods of time – far longer than is typical in casual and hyper-casual spaces..

For brands and advertisers, there is a huge opportunity to meaningfully connect with large swaths of the world’s three billion highly engaged and receptive gamers who bring compelling brand recall. The production quality point is also important: at a fundamental level, a polished, high-quality game is explicitly a better vehicle for delivering an ad, and all the better if the ad format and method of broadcast also bring a premium experience. .

Movable to point

After Socialpoint was founded in 2008, video game publishing giant Take-Two Interactive eventually acquired Socialpoint for at least $250 million in 2017, claiming how valuable the Barcelona-based studio’s library has become.

The numbers testify to the quality and impact of what Socialpoint has achieved. Social Points are valuable to Take-Two because they bring highly polished and deeply entertaining gaming experiences that also bring huge success. For context, although Take-Two owns the global cultural phenomenon and iconic game series, Grand Theft Auto, CEO Strauss Zelnick has explicitly pointed out how critical Socialpoint titles have been in improving its bottom line.

Following its acquisition and rise to the top of mobile publishers, Socialpoint has now chosen to partner with audio advertising company AudioMob, which offers non-intrusive, expertly designed audio ads for mobile games. This offering is simple in principle: audio ads play in-game while a user continues to play. This avoids the jarring and irritating experience familiar to so many mobile gamers, where a video ad keeps them from playing, impinging on their gaming experience, at the expense of retention and monetization.

“It’s a method that’s currently delivering unmatched results for brands like Currys, who have harnessed the power of audio to deliver a relative average CTR increase of 3,650% in a campaign designed to drive Xbox Series S purchases. , during a noisy holiday season,” AudioMob said. account strategist, Luke Taplin-McCallum. “The same campaign also saw a 14x increase in purchase intent for the Xbox Series S. The bespoke advertising that Currys and Xbox produced to tap into the format’s potential delivered unparalleled results, while bringing powerful in-game monetization, all without hurting retention. This is essentially what we exist for.

These types of CTR increases are far from unique to this campaign and can be seen across brands and advertisers who have chosen to deploy the AudioMob format.

A word about success

The partnership with AudioMob aims to increase the success of Socialpoint’s games. But beyond that, it will materially impact the entire in-game audio ad space, providing more opportunities for brands to reach gamers programmatically. The current boom in audio ads is a key driver of the ongoing and broader audio renaissance, which is also evident in the remarkable boom in podcasts and music streaming.

As part of this broader audio renaissance, in-game audio ads provide a key opportunity at a pivotal time for those creating and distributing games, where much of the established ecosystem for revenue generation has changed, leaving them in search of new opportunities.

AudioMob’s deal with Socialpoint kicks off with Word Life, a brain teaser that offers relaxing crossword puzzles that fit into a user’s busy life. It’s a highly polished creation that delights gamers while delivering exactly the kind of quality that advertisers are looking for as a delivery vehicle for their brands’ reputation. And for Socialpoint, AudioMob appealed because it offers superior ad delivery that matches the quality and elegance of their games.

Martin Schmidt, Senior Product Ads Monetization Manager at Socialpoint, said, “As a game publisher, we are always looking for three things. First, we want to create a seamless experience between gameplay and advertising. Second, we prefer to show our users branded campaigns rather than advertisements of other games.The majority of advertising demand in the mobile games industry comes from the mobile game itself.

“Last, but not least, income is another important factor. We are looking for new and innovative ways to generate income now that some of the older methods have become redundant. Audio ads seem to tick all the boxes, and we’re excited to bring AudioMob to our Word Life crossword puzzle.

The proven ability to connect brands with relevant audiences while dramatically improving publisher revenue is self-explanatory. For game developers and publishers, AudioMob’s ads complement the quality of the finest mobile games, backed by the biggest companies in the industry. AudioMob’s format, like all Socialpoint titles, prioritizes the player experience, while increasing the potential for brands to engage users and improving the business success of developers and publishers. If you want ads that drive revenue while matching the quality of your team’s games, audio is the way to go.

Ultimately, in-game audio is a solution with the consumer at its heart, demonstrating value for publisher, gamer and advertiser. Its ability to engage users who are inspired to meaningfully and positively click or recall brands is important and more. Brands can rely on the AudioMob team to help them navigate this intimate, high-impact space, with the trusted audio format.


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