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Over the past two years, Yodo1 has become a key player in the world of mobile game intellectual property (IP) collaborations. When successfully implemented by an experienced team, IP injections can be an important part of a successful game marketing strategy.

Yodo1 has partnered with leading intellectual property owner Hasbro, negotiating a series of successful collaborations to bring their brands into top gaming franchises.

Collaborations to date include Top War, which incorporated Hasbro’s Transformers characters into the gameplay. The popular sandbox game MiniWorld has also teamed up with Transformers, and later My Little Pony, for injections from similar brands. As Hasbro’s trusted partner in China and globally, Yodo1 looks forward to introducing the characters of this beloved brand to more fans.

The power of IP collaborations is visible in each of these events, which have proven to be incredibly beneficial for both partners by generating millions of dollars in revenue, engaging existing fans and attracting new ones.

During Hasbro’s two-week collaboration with Top War, the popular game surpassed its daily earnings record on the first day of the event’s launch.

Record revenues

In Hasbro’s two-week collaboration with Top War, the popular game surpassed its daily revenue record on the first day of the event’s launch, as the game’s ranking in the App Store rose from 55 to 29. in China, 25 to 16 in the United States. , and 73 to 45 in Japan.

The three-month Battle of Balls crossover that saw Transformers characters integrated into the popular casual esports mobile game has sparked new avenues of monetization and increased fan engagement.

MiniWorld’s first Hasbro partnership, again with Transformers, was so successful – with over half a million units sold – that they quickly organized another collaboration with My Little Pony IP to engage with a another segment of their fan base.

Brands in games

This is possible because the Brands In Games (BIG) team at Yodo1 has the pulse of the video game world. With experience in associating games with IP owners who share demographics and incorporating visual IP elements into games, they are involved every step of the way, from concept to execution, which translates into fast turnaround times and a solid return on investment (ROI).

Working with an experienced team like Yodo1’s BIG can help speed the business negotiation of a collaboration down to just a few months or weeks, allowing the injection launch – and subsequent revenue – to happen much sooner.

The BIG team is constantly on the lookout for new collaborations that will bring value to both the intellectual property owner and the game developer. The story told by recent collaborations is that Yodo1 has the experience and track record to discover and execute profitable partnerships between brands and mobile games.

If you’re looking for a partner with a proven track record of successful collaborations between brands and mobile games, inquire now.

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