Intel’s new anti-Apple ad makes people cringe


We have high hopes that Intel will be led by an engineer. You know, less the marketing nonsense of the last few years and more just the right material. We have Alder Lake on the way, which looks promising, and its first discrete graphics card in a long time, Alchemist, will debut in the new year. There is also Sapphire Rapids for the grown-ups in the server rooms. All the good stuff.

Which makes his latest anti-Apple ad, titled “Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment,” all the more inspiring. I mean, it’s just bad. And poorly designed. Well, you can’t help but wonder why someone older hasn’t stepped in and told them to stop being so utterly absurd.

You can check it out above, but I’m warning you now, it’s not pretty.

The premise is that Intel is tricking a bunch of Apple fanboys and fangirls into a showcase of new hardware to reveal that these are, in fact, Intel PCs and laptops that are already available.

It’s probably fine in the alternate universe where Apple fans didn’t know PCs existed or what they looked like, but in this universe everything is ridiculous.

There’s also absolutely no mention of the software side of things either. Which is a big deal for these poor guys and girls in love with Apple. I mean I’m not an Apple fan by far, but even I know the Apple ecosystem is at least a small factor in why its machines are popular.

But also the brand itself, and what people perceive it to say about you, is also important to die-hard fans, often far more than the technology. We really get the impression that this ad misses something fundamental to the psychology of brand loyalty.

Come on Intel, you’re better than that. Attacking Apple in this way hurts you more than Apple. Go back to sorting material and leave that nonsense to parody sites.


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