Jumanji: The Curse Returns live review


“Make no mistake, it’s not thunder, staying put would be a blunder.”

I rolled the dice and watched impatiently as the words materialized in the center of the board. I almost expected an elephant stampede to unleash my bedroom door anytime, but luckily Jumanji: The Curse Returns is just a digital board game – even if it doesn’t want to. not to say that the pressure is not there.


Jumanji’s Story: Return of the Curse

For anyone who has seen the OG Jumanji movie before, the story of the game follows exactly that. In Jumanji: The Curse Returns, you stumble upon the mysterious board game and start playing without knowing the consequences. Each turn unleashes untold horrors that slowly ruin the peaceful town of Brantford, and it’s up to you to reach the center of the board game, finish Jumanji, and restore your town to what it once was.

The characters from the 1995 film make their return here in a new cartoon format, with the same puzzles that appeared in the film. The fearsome hunter Van Pelt also makes an unwelcome appearance, with the tension-filled drums ringing in the background as you play through the game.

Jumanji: Return of the Curse

The mechanics of the board game are simple: players take turns rolling the dice and advancing their tokens until they reach the center of the board. Once a player has done so, the game ends and Brantford is saved.

Of course, things are not that simple in Jumanji, as each turn generates a random puzzle that appears in the center of the board. Here, you’ll likely come across bats, piranhas, and other nasty beasts that, when triggered, will teleport you into a combat sequence.

The Jumanji riddle the return of the curse

As the obstacles appear in front of you, you will need to hit them with certain items that appear on your battle screen by dragging them towards the enemy. Touch the item to scroll until the next item appears. Enemies can only be defeated by certain items, so you can’t just throw a ladder at a crocodile willy-nilly in the hope that it disappears.

Perhaps more crucial here is the Team-Up mechanic, which, when activated, unleashes a powerful AOE team attack on all enemies onscreen. To fill this gauge you will need to help your teammates with items they might need, power-ups via Magic Flasks or shields that protect them when weakened by the vines.

Every now and then, you can also end up throwing Jewel Bonuses, which provide useful buffs like increasing your token power or giving you extra Team Points when you help a team member.

What’s the call?

For a seemingly straightforward board game, Jumanji: The Curse Returns’ built-in combat mode is actually pretty awesome. I was impressed with how such a combat system was seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, but here’s the problem: while the visuals in the game may make it seem like a casual title for everyone. ages, the level of difficulty is different. Jumanji Brantford town plan

You will only have a short time – usually just under thirty seconds – to overcome any challenges that come your way. Taking out an enemy gives you extra time, but more often than not, it never feels like enough. Lack of time causes you to lose a particular part of Brantford, and you only have five to move around, which means you can only lose five times until the end of the game.

You can play the game on your own with three AI teammates, but due to the difficulty level of the game, I didn’t feel the AI ​​was up to the task. Playing with others through online multiplayer makes the game easier, but difficult enough that it isn’t always a guaranteed win. It will take really quick reflexes to beat the clock and know how to take advantage of team bonuses when you can.

One of the things, however, that I found really refreshing here is that you can’t go through the game based solely on yourself. Often times, it’s best to leave the items and bonuses you get to your other teammates to increase your time or add to your team gauge. You really have to play for the good of everyone and not just for yourself.

Power on

In fact, this is the first game I’ve ever played where I actually WANTED my teammates to roll more and hit the center even though they’re in front of me, all because I wanted us to win the game and save the game. city ​​as soon as possible. Does it even make sense?

Overall, Jumanji: The Curse Returns is an exciting take on the classic film that stays true to its elements while updating it for the digital world. A round can end in about 20 minutes, but beware: you have to really go all-in or you’ll lose Brantford for good.

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