Local dignitaries and journalists take part in a video tournament ahead of HV Gamer Con


ALBANY – The air was thin and the lights bright as I entered the Albany Capital Center.

Dignitaries in pressed pants and local reporters in casual attire stood around a room waiting to face off in a Super Smash Bros. tournament. – a tryout for the upcoming HV Gamer Con 2022 in two weeks, March 19-20, at the center.

The group heard a series of speeches from participating legislators as well as Dan Coonan, CEO of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) and Georgette Steffens, Executive Director of Downtown Albany BID, expressing their excitement for the event at coming and the growth of the region in the form of video. play center.

The politicians present were Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, Assemblyman John McDonald and County Legislator Andrew Joyce. It was a who’s who and who’s going to lose.

I had no idea how to hold a Nintendo Switch controller let alone how to play the game, yet here I was preparing to chart my diary one sonic blast at a time, knowing full well that winning was mission impossible for me. But hey, it was a good chance to finally get behind the esports mania.

The coaches of the Saint Rose College e-sports team hovered around an almost full ring of computers and controllers showing us everyday people which buttons to attack with, or when facing danger, to fly through the digital sky with .

We paired up in pairs, excelling through the ranks one Donkey Kong equipped match after another.

I first teamed up with Joyce in a battle to the death between Bowser and Princess Peach. Lo and behold, Fat Bowser put my mighty Princess Peach to rest in three fairly quick turns.

I didn’t advance in the winner’s circle, but I had another shot in the losers’ group alongside Sheehan and McDonald. There too I lost. Sorry to disappoint Times Union readers.

But, Steffens and members of other news outlets made it to the winner’s circle.

At the end of an hour filled with laughter and cramping fingers, Two Buttons Deep co-founder Jack Carpenter came out on top, handing local reporters a big win, his organization a classic trophy and the rights to bragging that the rest of us may never live. .

You could hear Carpenter let out a woo-hoo that echoed throughout the room at the end of it all.

While our little mash-up was one for the books, video game enthusiasts can expect much bigger and possibly more intense competition at this year’s gamer con.


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