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Looking for the best class in Lost Ark? At first you might think there isn’t much to choose from, but each class has two or more subclasses, which offer different playstyles based on the original. Some are also gender-related, so that’s something else to be aware of.

Picking a class can be overwhelming when you have so many to choose from, so I’ve broken down the classes to help you find the one you’ll enjoy the most. You have the opportunity to try out each of the subclasses before making your decision. So this guide aims to help you narrow things down. Here are the Lost Ark classes, along with the playstyles of each subclass.

Warrior (melee)

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The warriors of Lost Ark are exactly what you expect them to be. They are generally tanky hitters without much mobility.

Berserker (male)
Although they use a two-handed sword as their weapon, Berserkers have relatively fast attack animations and decent defense. They can buff themselves and a group for high damage and they will gain movement speed during these burst windows.

Paladin (male)
A paladin is primarily a support class with the ability to shield and protect themselves and party members. That doesn’t mean they can’t deal damage though, and they have decent defense to help keep them alive.

Gunlancer (male)
A true tank of all three warrior subclasses, the Gunlancer absorbs damage and protects party members. They can protect themselves and their allies and can pull enemies towards them – think WoW’s death knight ability – compensating for their lack of mobility.

Martial artist (melee)

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Martial artists typically use different types of handguns to damage enemies. They are fast on the battlefield, with attack speed and mobility working in their favor.

Striker (male)
The Striker excels in quick attacks and aerial combos. Some skills propel enemies high into the air or launch themselves, to hurt enemies from above. The Striker is a solid choice if you like lightning-fast close combat.

Wardancer (female)
The Wardancer is similar to the Striker. They rely on fast skills and high mobility, and they can charge attacks or store elemental power to blast their enemies and deal massive damage.

Scraper (female)
The Scrapper has a similar playstyle to the Striker and Wardancer, but relies on two opposing resources that you’ll need to balance to use this subclass. You’ll need to weave between the two types of attacks, so you don’t run out of a resource at a critical moment.

Soulfist (female)
The Soulfist uses a mix of melee and ranged attacks, which makes them slightly different from other martial artist subclasses. They can combine their skills to create powerful combos and channel special energy to further boost their abilities or aid them in the heat of battle.

Gunner (ranged)

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Gunners rely on rifles or bows to take down enemies from a distance. Each subclass specializes in a particular ranged style of play.

Gunslinger (female)
The Gunslinger is a highly mobile class that can quickly switch between weapons depending on combat range and the situation. The three gun types offer varying degrees of damage and utility, so knowing when to switch between them is key to success.

Gunner (male)
The Gunner is the least mobile of the Gunner subclasses, but they make up for this with their resilience. Its massive cannon deals massive damage to large groups of enemies, and some skills will make short work of enemies by launching them into the air or knocking them back.

Deadeye (male)
The Deadeye subclass has a very similar playstyle to the Gunslinger. They rely on switching between three different weapon types to suit different situations, and the high mobility and fast-paced playstyle make them flashy on the battlefield.

Sniper (male)
The sniper excels in ranged damage and is the most extensive of the gunner subclasses. Some skills provide a stealth effect and you can knock enemies back if they get too close for your comfort. The skill range of most snipers means immediate threats won’t hurt you like they do melee fighters.

Mage (ranged)

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Mages are the primary spellcasters in Arkesia. Depending on the subclass you choose, they can use their magic abilities to deal damage or heal allies.

Bard (female)
The Bard is the true support class of the MMO. Their lack of defense and mobility is made up for by the heals, shields, and buffs they bring with them. That’s not to say they can’t deal damage either, but their low attack power can’t compare to other more focused damage classes.

Witch (female)
The Witch has a classic Mage style of play. Three different elements are primarily used to deal AoE damage, either in a big burst or as damage over time. Chill attacks slow the movement speed of enemies, allowing you to line up bigger hits with stronger spells.

Assassin (melee)

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The Assassin subclasses are both melee fighters, using dark forces to transform or eliminate enemies with quick sword attacks.

Shadowhunter (female)
The Shadowhunter uses his twin glaives to damage enemies and can transform into powerful demonic forms, granting higher health and movement speed for the duration. They look like WoW’s Demon Hunter on paper, but their playstyle seems to be quite different.

Deathblade (female)
The Deathblade uses multiple swords to perform quick combo attacks and works best when positioned behind enemies. Its high mobility makes it easy to move around the battlefield and line up for attacks from behind, but it’s a harder subclass to master than it looks.


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