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US developer Lucid Sight has raised $ 2.6 million to launch Colyseus Arena multiplayer technology as a cloud-hosted service.

The Colyseus Arena funding round has been led by Galaxy Interactive, along with other investors including VamosVentures, Goal Venture Partners and Gaingels, as well as existing investors.

This new round brings the total raised to $ 15.4 million.

The open source framework has been downloaded over 300,000 times and currently averages ten thousand downloads per month.

Lucid Sight acquired Colyseus Arena earlier in 2021 and Early Access registrations began to be accepted in February 2021.

It manages server management, infrastructure and scaling so that game makers can focus their attention on design and development..

Cheaper for everyone

“Network engineers and DevOps have always created an annual brake of $ 500,000 to $ 1 million on every multiplayer game that Lucid Sight has ever created,” said Randy Saaf, CEO of Lucid Sight.

“Our goal with Arena is to dramatically reduce that cost, so more casual, hyper-casual and NFT styles of play can deliver rich multiplayer experiences.

“Colyseus will always be open source and we made the lowest level of Arena free because we wanted there to be no barriers for developers to dive in and have fun faster.”

All types of game developers can use Colyseus Arena, but it is especially useful for multiplayer games that require a flexible server hosting solution. Developers benefit from instant scalability with a pay-as-you-go billing model.

“One of the fastest growing verticals we are seeing for Colyseus Arena is our web, fast play and instant play hosting. These types of games usually run in another app or stand-alone on a mobile-accessible website, ”commented Lucid Sight CTO Fazri Zubair.

“For these games a flexible hosting plan that has the ability to go from 1 CPU to 1000 CPU and then roll back in a short period of time is essential and a service provided by Arena.

“Combine this with Colyseus’ small resource footprint and straightforward JavaScript programming language and you will quickly see why Colyseus Arena provides the best solution for these instant play style multiplayer games.”

Lucid Sight also combines his blockchain background to deliver Colyseus Arena to a number of NFT and Metaverse gaming projects.

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