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Start of our Lord Maglam critically, the game takes place right after the defeat of the Demon Lord, when the world finally knows peace. Only after being resurrected by Satyus and Balgackwein are you introduced to the peaceful, almost utopian world. You learn that you are an endangered species in an effort to prevent it by getting married.

A new original IP, Lord Maglam sets to chart your own path with unforgettable characters, fun interactions, and simple gameplay. A full game with voice acting, RPG elements and a fun story are all included in this well-designed game package. How does it hold up all the way? Find out in our Lord Maglam review!

Lord Maglam
Developer: Felistella
Publishers: PQube
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (revised), PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release date: February 4, 2022 (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4), May 30, 2022 (Steam)
Players: 1
Price: $39.99

Killizerk, the Demon Lord, had brought chaos to Eusdeal and fought the God of the World. If defeated, they were put into a dormant sleep state. Saved by their vassal and servant, they come back to life with some loss of memory.

Upon awakening, Mamie, the administration’s protective overseer, helps maintain order by keeping tabs on their actions.

Arcadio, a world of peace, has long forgotten the world of gods and demon lords. Learning this also explains that you are the last of your kind; with no other choice, you must marry to maintain your lineage.

The story lets you choose a male or female Killizerk and experience voice acting for both versions.

You’ll meet unforgettable characters along the way, including Love Guru GG. It’s an almost rudimentary story, but it has lots of visual novel-style presentations, making it easy to follow.

When you’re not looking at the story in Lord Maglam unfold, there are combat segments with monsters and other creatures on a 2.5D field. Hack and slash is front and center and even gives numbered damage totals.

This introduces the RPG elements attached to combat; upgrade weapons and use buffs. Sometimes combat can feel a little too easy, especially when you can quickly figure out weapon upgrades.

Visual novel scenes let you choose your responses via cool, demonic, or funny dialogue. This will change the dialogue you receive back and the ending you get.

Maglam Lord’s the dialogue bits are meant to allow you to do multiple runs with the different choices, but can be skipped due to the nature of the game.

The more you play, the more characters you encounter that will be added to your party. It’s worth noting that each character plays differently, due to different weapon types – adding a bit more to hacking and slashing.

There’s not a whole lot of gameplay, though, and the segments when you get them are refreshing where you’re not stuck with the same visual novel cutscenes.

What could be described as “mobile game graphics” is actually not that bad. The colors are vibrant and the art style is presentable and cute.

The character designs in Lord Maglam are also distinctive enough that each one is unique and stylish. The user interface elements are very simple and easy to read and understand. Most other games in the same space use the same font from what I could tell, probably due to readability.

Cheerful and calm most of the time, music in Lord Maglam makes it a cooler experience than other games. It’s meant to soothe and help you relax while you enjoy the story, or so I felt.

95% of the game is also fully voiced in cutscenes and battle segments, so it’s easy to just auto-start and play. While nothing good stands out with huge praise, nothing stands out as badly in any of these departments.

Do our Lord Maglam review felt like the game was merging into an original experience that felt like stepping back in time. I remember running something like Hyperdimension Neptunia for the first time on the PS3 and go to Noire’s fight and lose horribly. Minus the boss fight, Lord Maglam is a delight to play and enjoy.

Lord Maglam is a simple story with unforgettable characters that you will meet and argue or fight with. While Lord Maglam is a shorter experience for sure, it’s definitely a fun ride of combat and love. The dialogue is quirky and funny, especially with the voice acting extra.

Maglam Lord was reviewed with a review code from PQube. You will find additional information on Gamer Niche Ethics Review/Policy here. Maglam Lord is available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and coming soon to Windows PC (via Steam) on May 30.


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