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Core Keeper bosses are the toughest challenge in the new Early Access co-op survival sandbox. For a little pixelated adventurer, bosses can pose a major threat, but with the right preparation and some winning strategies, you can overcome them and use their gems to power up the Core.

The first three bosses you’ll face in Core Keeper are Glurch the Abominous Mass, a giant orange slime that spawns near the starting area, Ghorm the Devourer, a massive insect that uses the underworld as its own private racetrack, and The Hive Mother, a meaty, acid-spitting nightmare surrounded by tough organic walls. There’s also a fourth boss, Azeos the Sky Titan, which can only be found and beaten once you’ve defeated the first three and activated the Core.

Below is our guide to Core Keeper bosses, including how to find them and the best ways to beat them.

Boss 1: Glurch

Glurch the Abominable Mass

Leader of the Core Guardian

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

You should have:

  • copper armor
  • A pewter sword
  • A few raw bombs
  • A shovel
  • Food that increases speed or damage

Glurch is located quite close to your starting point. As you explore further into the core, you will occasionally hear a distant thud. This means you are close to Glurm. Look for areas with high concentrations of orange slime, and he’s bound to be nearby in a large chamber.

Glurch is a big blob with a bounding attack, much like Spelunky’s Olmec, and when you get within a few blocks of him, he pops up in the air and tries to land on you. It’s capable of breaking solid rock, so don’t think diving into a tunnel will save you. That said, if you run far enough, he’ll return to where he started.

Do not approach within 3 blocks of Glurch until you’re ready to fight, or he’ll aggro. Get ready by clearing Glurch’s room of as much slime as possible using your shovel, as stepping into the slime will slow you down. If there are hostile thorn slimes lying around, kill them first too.

Once Glurch starts jumping, move away or run directly under him while he’s in the air. It is very important that you don’t let him back down down to the rune circle he’s sitting on, as he’ll start healing the damage you’ve done. Every time he lands, rush and hit him with your pewter sword a few times, then falls back before jumping again. Raw bombs can also damage it, but only slightly.

As long as you move quickly and don’t let him return to where he started, you should be able to handle this battle without too much trouble.

Boss 2: Ghorm

Ghorm the Devourer

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

You should have:

  • 50 spike traps
  • A copper shovel
  • Torches
  • Raw Bombs
  • quick ring

Finding Ghorm is not that difficult. Just start digging in any direction from the core and you’ll eventually fall into the wide, mud-filled tunnel of Ghorm. This is because Ghorm is a mobile boss: he constantly moves in a huge circle that surrounds the Core. Below you can see the huge circular tunnel of Ghorm spinning around my map.

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

The real problem is stopping Ghorm. Even if you do damage while he’s rushing, he won’t stop and by the time he circles the map again, he’ll have fully healed. Following Ghorm is also difficult, as it leaves a trail of mud behind it, and walking through the mud slows you down.

The easiest way I found was to use spike traps. Mine 50 units of tin ore in clay caves, smelt it and craft 50 spike traps at your crafting bench. Keep in mind: these traps will kill Ghorm almost instantly, but the traps will be destroyed.

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

Head to Ghorm Tunnel and wait for it to pass. Then quickly run through the tunnel and set your traps in the middle of the tunnel. Kill any slimes nearby so they don’t activate the traps before Ghorm completes his circle and returns.

If you don’t want to use so many traps, another method is to clear mud from a long section of the tunnel with your shovel, then run past Ghorm as he approaches, dropping as many bombs (not raw bombs, the larger) in its path.

Wearing two quick rings and eating foods like a Hearty Pepper Wrap will increase your movement speed enough to keep you ahead of him. Once Ghorm’s health meter drops below 50%, he will stop operating his tunnel circuit and come directly after you. Dodge when he charges and use a weapon to hit him as he walks past. It will keep spinning and coming towards you, so you can drop more bombs in its path and hit its side as it passes.

Boss 3: Hive Mother

The mother of the hive

(Image credit: Pugstorm)

You should have:

  • Flintlock Musket
  • healing potions
  • Iron or carapace armor
  • Spike Traps
  • copper shovel

The best way to find The Hive Mother is to use the Heart Glurch Statue. There you can create a Hive Mother Beacon which will add an icon to your map showing its location, provided you have already defeated Glurch.

Once you know where she is, you’ll need an iron pickaxe, preferably two, to clear your way into her chamber, which is surrounded by durable larva walls.

Once in his room, She won’t attack unless you attack it. Kill any larvae or other enemies in the chamber and dig up any hive spike traps or acid drops with your shovel.

The Hive Mother’s attack is a powerful acid spit who targets you from above. When you see a target marker appear on your character, you need to move. Even if the acid misses you, it will stay on the block it lands on, and going through it will hurt you. It can be removed with a shovel, but it’s difficult to do during combat. The Hive Mother also summons minions from five locations around her, who will swoop in to attack you.

There’s a good way to cheese this fight, which is to dig a long tunnel in one of the chamber walls directly opposite the boss. Line it up with spike traps which will kill any creatures that enter the tunnel during combat. If you’re standing in the tunnel then you can still see the hive mother’s body, but not her mouth, it will not spit acid. With the flintlock musket, you can shoot him from the tunnel.

It’ll take a few minutes, but it’s an easy way to deplete health while staying out of range, and the tight tunnel will ensure minions are all approaching from the same direction.

Another option is to build walls around spawn points of the Hive Mother summon before the fight begins. The spots appear as five circular regions scattered around it:

If you wall off these areas, minions won’t be able to attack you, and you can focus melee or ranged attacks on the hive mother while moving to avoid her acid attacks.

Boss 4: Azeos

Azeos the sky titan

(Image credit: Pugstorm / GamingWithDaOpa on YouTube)

You should have:

  • scarlet armor
  • Scarlet Sword
  • healing potions
  • Scarlet Pickaxe and Shovel
  • Shield
  • Bombs

Finding Azeos is quite a complex undertaking. You must first have defeated the first three bosses and used their gems in the boss statues to power up the core. Talking to the core will tell you to touch the Great Wall, the impenetrable barrier that lies further out in the world.

Once you’ve tunneled and touched the Great Wall, return and talk to the core again. This will give you a direction to the tunnel (north, southwest, etc.) which will take you to a new biome, Azeos Wilderness. But to find Azeos the Sky Titan, you’ll need to craft two items: a scanner showing his location on the map, and a “large glowing shimmering object” (that’s really what he’s called) that summons him.

I have yet to face (or even find) Azeos myself, but the video below of PlayWithDaOpa will show you his attacks. Azeos uses beams of power that cross the map in different directions or close in a circle around you. You can try to dodge them but if you have a shield equipped you can also hold down the spacebar to negate most damage.

Azeos also summons large blue crystals that heal him. These must be quickly destroyed, so forget about hitting them with a weapon and place bombs next to each crystal as they appear. A single bomb will destroy the crystal. While blocking beam attacks and destroying crystals, use melee attacks with your scarlet sword to defeat Azeos.


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