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Mamboo Games (part of MY.GAMES) is a publisher and developer of hypercasual and hybrid-casual games, based in Minsk, Belarus.

The company employs 35 people and its portfolio includes more than 30 titles.

In 2020, Mamboo Games started as a hypercasual game publisher and has now expanded its portfolio with a new genre of hybrid casual games, which includes Viking Life: Wild North, Scary Pranks: Horror Puzzle Survival, Space Rover: Space Taikon and Shift Princess: Fairies and Princesses.

One of the publisher’s most successful projects is Shift Race: a 3D racing game that reached 15 million installs in the first three months of its release.

Billion Builders entered the top 50 on the iOS platform in the US and the top 10 in China.

In October 2021, Mamboo Games was acquired by MY.GAMES. After the agreement was concluded, MY.GAMES became the majority owner of Mamboo Games. spoke with Mamboo Games CEO Ivan Leshkevich to learn more about the studios’ work in hyper-casual and the rapidly evolving casual hybrid market. Tell us more about Mamboo Games. Why did you decide to create another hypercasual game developer and publisher in such a highly competitive market?

Ivan Leshkevich: In 2020, that was the real deal – big publishers weren’t paying enough attention to small teams or small titles, when the market was mostly made up of these small players.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP) was to provide full access to our Business Intelligence (BI) which shows all available product / marketing metrics, as well as assisting teams or projects on the production side. Now we are fully focused on the hybrid-casual genre.

What are the main achievements of the Mamboo Games team during its year of existence? Tell us about the most interesting projects that you have published or developed yourself?

We managed to launch game projects to the world in a short period of time, develop our own development unit to a good standard, and become the hyper-relaxed unit of the larger MY.GAMES ecosystem.

Where we shine the most is in publishing, with titles like Shift Race, Billion Builders, Hunting Season, Shift Princess, Viking Idle, Space Rover, Scary Pranks and more.

How do you assess the hypercasual gaming market today? What are its prospects for the next five years?

We see how much hypercasual games are in demand by the public – in 2020 the hypercasual games market grew by 104% and reached $ 3 billion, and we will continue to grow and expand in this segment and to propose new solutions.

When it comes to hypercasual publishers, the bigger players will always continue to look for growth opportunities, even beyond the genre. This includes consolidating small studios or even creating new teams outside of the company.

Hypercasual developers, in our opinion, will also be looking to increase monetization by increasing IAPs, so the real potential lies in the hybrid-casual model. In the end, we will have fewer games that tend to live longer on the market.

Tell us about hybrid casual games? What is it and what are the main differences from the classic hypercasual genre?

Hybrid-casual is a more complex genre as it includes elements of a relaxed meta but sticks to straightforward gameplay given the time the games have for development / testing.

Having a more complex game with a storyline increases the share of in-app purchases as well as long-term product metrics.

How will the work of Mamboo Games be organized within MY.GAMES now? What will change in your approach to developing and publishing games?

MY.GAMES has extensive expertise and a diverse portfolio across its 14 studios and we have already launched several joint projects working with some of them.

We are convinced that our partnership will allow us to realize our potential and give users new hits with global success.

How do you work with game developers? What should a developer take into account when submitting a project for publication at Mamboo Games?

Currently, we have several cooperation formats, and options are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with studios or titles. Most of the time, developers bring us a ready-made game to test and release, or promising developers create games for us.

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