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MGC (Mobile Gaming Corps) is a company focused on mobile. Not only do they focus on mobile accessories, but they are also a company that specifically focus on mobile games. They have different accessories suitable for mobile games, but their strong point is their iPhone cases.

For a while, they had special cases made for iPhone 6, 7 and 8 called “Valor” cases. Now they have released their latest design, the Aura case which is created for the collection of 11s (iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max). It has similar features to the original cases, but with a new look and feel.

As with the Valor suitcases, the assembly of the Aura suitcase takes little time. That said, it’s definitely worth it once you get everything set up and put together. It’s great in my hands and it’s not only protective, but the grip looks great overall and gives you a portable console feel without the buttons (most of them anyway). .

Feel and conceive

As mentioned, the design of the MGC Aura case is quite elegant after you put it together. In the box you get the case, a screen protector, two vinyl back covers, and a few small tools that you will need to assemble your case. The given skins feel good and look decent, yet simple.

If you like customization, one of the great things about this case is that you can use almost any skins you want. The ones given are just to be used in the meantime (unless you like them and don’t want to change). So maybe you want a skin from your favorite sports team. You can do it.

It’s a nifty addition to the Valor cases which didn’t allow it (although those cases look cool too) and so you still get the great effects from the case but can dab any skin type there – down that you really want to make your own, thanks to the way it’s laid out.

Mappable buttons

One of the distinguishing features of the Aura case is that there are two buttons on the side of the case (at the top when your iPhone is on the side while playing a game). After putting the Aura together, these shiny little buttons should be totally clickable.

So in some games you will be able to map your controls to where you can use those buttons in action. Instead of using the onscreen button, you might want to use one of the physical buttons on the case to fire your weapon in Call of Duty Mobile for example.

This will allow you to familiarize yourself with using any of the triggers on your Xbox or PlayStation controllers when playing on a console. Having those two buttons is great because they are useful, and they don’t stop the case from doing its job of protecting, of course.

Mappable buttons are supported by a ton of popular mobile games and they really help you get a slice of controller action without being all

Claw socks

It’s actually separate from the case but it’s one of the best or most popular MGC items, the Claw Socks are here to help you get a better feel for each game. opportunity to consult them and I will tell you straight away that they feel quite comfortable. The same feeling you get with socks but on your fingers.

Hardcore gaming on your phone can certainly get your fingers and thumbs up at times, just like with console and PC gaming. These socks help keep the laboring little parts of your hands warm. They are super soft and are just plain fun to wear.


I think it’s fair to say that this review is a positive one, and it’s not for the simple reason of “saying nice things” but the fact that the Aura Gaming box made by Mobile Gaming Corps is a great achievement in the world of mobile gaming.

It’s not often that you see a case designed specifically for the gamer while still being very protective and with great grip. Arguably, its most important feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is that it keeps your phone cool while you are playing a game.

This is great for big game releases like Grenshin Impact, which features a massive open world. The feel of it, the screen protector and mappable buttons on the screen protector make the Aura case a powerful tool for the mobile gamer and in some ways are an indication of the continued growth of the phone. ‘industry.


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