Miracle Snack Shop will launch on Switch in December 2021


Editor CFK and developer TALESshop announced Snack Miracle will launch for Switch in December 2021, via the eShop.

Snack Miracle will launch for Switch on December 2 with a price tag set at $ 19.99. Pre-orders are now live, with a price reduced to $ 17.99. Snack Miracle was originally released for Windows PC (via To smoke) in 2018.

Here’s a new trailer for the port:

Here is an overview of the port announced for the summer:

A dating simulation developed by the artisan creator of visual novels Talesshop, Snack Miracle will have its second version on Nintendo Switch, bringing various new features such as Japanese voiceover.

  • Colorful stories that take place in the ordinary snack bar

First released on Steam, Snack Miracle received praise from fans of visual novels for its magnificent artistry and dramatic story that takes place in an ordinary, quiet snack bar.

In the game, the player becomes Seolhwa Cha, the protagonist, who runs a snack bar after going through hardships in life. After meeting Philia, the queen from another world, and Mira, a YouTuber in search of scoops, Seolhwa finds herself in the middle of colorful events with the two heroines.

  • Love and success: killing two birds with one stone

For 302 days, the player will run the business and build relationships with Philia and Mira. While their favor can be earned by spending time together in various events, the player will need to secure an in-game budget as some episodes require money to unlock.

The snack bar will become a neighborhood hotspot as the player increases Seolhwa’s culinary skills by inventing new crushed ice creams and fame through various marketing activities. And watch how Philia and Mira react to your new crushed ice after tasting it; it will add more fun to the gameplay.

After a busy week, hang out with Philia or Mira in places such as the city center, a cinema and an amusement park. As the relationship deepens, there may be a chance to hear their personal stories. The player can see different endings depending on what they have earned from the business and how close they have become to a heroine.

Philia Salis (Voiced by: Marie Miyake)

An otherworldly queen who accidentally found herself in the snack bar after going through a portal in her closet. Her name is “Queen Salt”, and her peculiar way of speaking seems to prove that she is true royalty. As she visits the snack bar every week for crushed ice, she gets closer and closer to the cook ……

Mira Joo (Voiced by: Mai Ishihara)

A former reporter who visited the snack bar as a YouTuber. For some reason, it provides a business opportunity for the cook. There seems to be a story behind the difference between her energetic character in the video and her actual personality.

  • SI amsweet love story, corn new experience

Snack Miracle for Nintendo Switch features voiceovers from popular Japanese dubbing actresses, who have made their voices in well-known cartoons, mobile games, and more. It is possible to enjoy Korean and Japanese voice overs, each voice containing different interpretations of a heroine.

Besides, Philia after the story, originally a DLC on Steam, is also included in the Nintendo Switch version, which is unlocked once the game is finished. This bonus episode features the all new side of Philia that was never found in the original story, as well as various secondary content for fans of visual novels.

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