Niche Spotlight – Starship Troopers: Terran Command


Today’s slot is Starship Troopers: Earth Commanda real-time tactics game from The Aristocrats and Slitherine.

Alongside the events of the films, Starship Troopers: Earth Command places players in command of the Federation war effort in the harsh desert world of Kwalasha.

Liberate this remote but important mining colony from the threat of arachnoids using a wide variety of mobile infantry units based on weapons from the movies. Defend outposts against waves of hundreds of insects at once, while using TAC fighters, Marauder mechs and brave riflemen to clear hives and stem the tide of aliens.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Starship Troopers: Earth Command is available on Windows PC via GOG and Steam for $29.99.

You can find a preview (via Steam) below:

Starship Troopers: Earth Command is a thrilling real-time strategy game set in the Starship Troopers movie universe. Take command of the mobile infantry and do your part in the war against the arachnid menace. Build, expand and control your armies to strike an effective balance between tactical superiority and strength in numbers. Make sure human civilization, not insect civilization, dominates the galaxy now and always!

Story Campaign
The people of the harsh desert planet of Kwalasha need our help. Their daily hard work in the mining industries is turned upside down by a new danger that they cannot face alone: ​​the arachnid. Mobile infantry will move quickly, take over the planet and crush anything with more than two legs. Take part in this exciting military campaign, meet unique characters, visit incredible locations and experience the heroic war against the Bug.

Tactics and numbers
While arachnids can be relied upon in virtually unlimited numbers, mobile infantry must develop effective tactics to overcome this imbalance. Deploy your units in strategic locations to cover vital choke points and gain superior firepower through the tactical use of elevation levels. Beware, however, that combat mechanics such as True Line of Sight and True Line of Fire also allow Bugs to ambush around every corner, as they are well known for their use of surprise attacks and deception.

Units and Abilities
A wide range of unique units are at your disposal, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and elite abilities to unlock. Squads of Rifle Troopers, for example, form the backbone of your forces and can use ‘shotgun suppression’ or ‘arrow groups’ when they reach elite experience level. Rocket Troopers, on the other hand, are specialists who deliver various types of deadly munitions, ranging from armor-piercing and high-explosive warheads to incendiary and canister payloads.
As a campaign progresses, new tech buildings can be deployed to unleash the true potential of the Federation arsenal with E-Pulse Rifles, TAC Fighter Airstrikes, heavily armed Marauder bipedal vehicles and many other developments optimized to pulverize Bug ichor on the battlefield.

Main characteristics

  • An immersive storyline campaign with unique missions, characters, and lots of Starship Troopers flavor.
  • Dozens of unique unit types, each with their own special abilities.
  • Terrain Elevation, True Line of Sight, and True Line of Fire provide in-depth tactical gameplay.
  • Capture and hold vital radio stations, build base defenses to fend off arachnid attacks, and deploy tech buildings to unlock new weapons.
  • Heroic, explosions, gore and bugs. Lots of bugs.

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