Outplay Entertainment returns to Facebook Instant Gaming with Solitaire Together | Pocket Gamer.biz


Scottish mobile game publisher Outplay Entertainment has revealed it is returning to developing “social games” for the Facebook Instant Gaming platform.

On February 7, the studio launched its first game on the platform, Solitaire Together, marking the first in a series of games that Outplay will release on the platform in 2022. The studio’s next game to launch on the platform, Words Together will be released in the second quarter of 2022.

Solitaire Together will be fully integrated into the platform allowing players to challenge friends on Facebook Messenger or start tournaments in their new stream.

In the past, Outplay has released several games on the platform, including Zen Words, Raid or Trade, and 2 Photos, 1 Word.


Outplay has observed “reconnection potential” with Facebook Instant Gaming users following the success of its mobile games, such as Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast.

“We are thrilled to announce our return to making games for Facebook with the launch of Solitaire Together,” said Douglas Hare, CEO of Outplay Entertainment.

“The platform is a great way for us to start developing more social multiplayer titles for our players. We’re excited to continue our great relationship with Facebook by bringing new, innovative titles to this ecosystem this year.”

By publishing its games on the platform, Outplay will be able to reach audiences that do not interact with its games through traditional app marketplaces.

In a similar move in December 2021, French hypercasual publisher Voodoo launched five games on Facebook to boost its audience as well as the social elements of its portfolio.


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