POCO F4 GT, an impressive mobile gamer for 500 euros


One of the most ambitious mobile gamers of the year has arrived, and it does so at a truly surprising price, far below others with the same processor.

This is the POCO F4 GT, already available on AliExpress for prices starting from 503 euros at this stage of launch.

Yes, in Spain it will be from the 28th (the day after tomorrow) for 503.02 euros for the 8+128 version and for 626.3 euros for the 12+256 using the discount coupon SDPC18.

POCO F4 GT performance

This is one of the strengths of this terminal, a mobile with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 at a much lower price than other mobiles with the same processor, which usually exceed 700 euros.

POCO F4 GT is equipped with Qualcomm’s most advanced 5G platform, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, with an octa-core processor running at 3.0GHz, capable of delivering 20% ​​faster CPU performance and performance faster. Up to 50% better GPU performance.

As for the RAM, it is LPDDR5 up to 6400 Mbps and UFS 3.1 ROM, with a sequential write speed increase of up to 25%.

To cool the monster, it uses LiquidCool 3.0 technology, ideal for intense games that consume a lot of energy and generate a lot of heat. It is in this technology that the difference with other top models is noticeable. It is the ultimate cooling solution composed of a sophisticated multi-layer structure, supported by 2 giant vapor chambers.

Charging the POCO F4 GT

It has 120W fast charging, it’s POCO’s first 120W HyperCharge, and a 4700mAh dual-cell battery.

It charges to 100% in just 17 minutes, and its fast charging is totally safe with little or no damage to the battery.

It features MTW (Multiple Tab Winding) technology which, together with the dual charge pump design, is effective for charging efficiency while gaming. AdaptiveCharge minimizes the time the battery spends in the critical range 80-100% overnight, which also extends battery life.

Designed for gamers

Players can use magnetic triggers to activate the next level gaming experience. These provide a really cool controller experience and level accuracy.

They are designed with magnetic levitation technology and can be used 1.5 million times with ease. It has been tested on over 100 popular games, all with very stable, responsive and long-lasting performance. These pop-up triggers can be customized for everyday use as a shortcut to activate the camera, screen recording, or flashlight.

The POCO F4 GT screen

This is a 5,120Hz AMOLED display with a touch sampling rate of 480Hz. to experience fewer accidental touches in games.

The POCO F4 GT also offers high frequency PWM dimming to protect the eyes without sacrificing color accuracy in low light conditions.

The TrueColor display comes with 10-bit, which equates to over a billion colors, and is fine-tuned for more vivid and lifelike colors.

POCO’s watch

POCO Watch

But the case does not stop at mobile, they have also launched the Poco Watch, a watch with surprising features for a price of 69.90 euros, also available on Aliexpress.

POCO Watch

This is POCO’s first smartwatch, designed exclusively for fitness enthusiasts, with 3 vibrant color options and 2 additional watch straps to suit all ages, genders and skin tones.

It features a 1.6″ display, AMOLED touchscreen, 100 watch faces and responsive touch controls, plus multi-system standalone GPS for faster and more accurate positioning.

Track the moves with over 100 fitness modes, from fat burning, yoga to outdoor activities like biking, walking and running. POCO Watch’s auto-sensing modes can recognize various sports activities such as treadmill running, outdoor running, outdoor running, walking, etc.

POCO Watch offers a suite of features to help you stay healthy. The device offers 24-hour blood oxygen measurement and heart rate monitoring. Even while users are sleeping, POCO Watch can measure blood oxygen levels and heart rate and provide a report detailed sleep quality information to help users better adjust their diet and routine for a healthier lifestyle. .

POCO Watch has a long battery life of up to 14 days and comes with a small, easy-to-carry magnetic charger.

Links and prices


You can buy the mobile on aliexpress, and the first orders have a price:

– First 10 orders: 10 winners to get POCO F4 GT
– 300 first orders: 100 winners to get POCO Watch or POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition
– 800 first orders: 200 winners to win a POCO t-shirt or a POCO cap

The watch is also on aliexpress.


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