‘Qlan – A Gamer’s Social Network – will foster the growth of the esports and gaming community within the ecosystem’


The Qlan app is a one-stop solution for creating personalized Solo, Squad, and Organization profiles, showcasing gaming skills by syncing game stats, and accessing AI-enabled player matchmaking for verified connections.

It will also help in sharing gaming and esports content with an option for early monetization, promoting esports tournaments and IPs to target audience, etc.

This first-of-its-kind gamer network aims to provide a clearinghouse for gamers, esports enthusiasts and gaming organizations to create a diverse community and facilitate the exchange of value between different entities – endemic brands and not endemic.

The unique platform is the brainchild of co-founders – Sagar Nair, CEO, and Navin Talreja, CBO, who are determined to set new standards and revolutionize the gaming industry.

In an exclusive interview with MyKhel, Sagar Nair, co-founder and CEO of Qlan, explained how the idea of ​​launching this application came about and how the platform could be a social network application for gamers. Nair also explained how the platform will tap into, as well as aid, the rapidly growing gaming and esports ecosystem in India.

MK: What inspired you to come up with the idea for Qlan? Brief us on the company?

Sagar Nair: A bunch of unanswered questions is what led to the creation of Qlan. When we started interacting with the industry, we encountered many obstacles at the grassroots of gaming and esports.

India especially in the recent past has seen the emergence of the first breed of professional esports athletes and gaming content creators, the aspirations of the large gaming community are set, however, there is has no platform that paves the way for aspirants, Qlan is designed to be that platform that facilitates opportunities for all future gamers. Whether it’s esports, content creators or other professions in the gaming world.

MK: How and to what extent can Qlan contribute to the gaming and esports industry in India, how the app solves the many unattended issues of the esports community?

NS: Qlan contributes to the gaming market through its unique design to create a robust set of features that bring together various aspects that make major contributions to the gaming community, such as tournament operators, content creators, gaming professionals, esports organizations and gamers, both professional and casual. The app solves the major problem which is an app dedicated only to gamers and allowing them to experience various opportunities within the gaming ecosystem.

MK: What type of opportunities does Qlan offer its users? please tell us about app features?

NS: In terms of opportunities, for players, Qlan’s helps them explore tournaments and scrims, earn various badges, and apply for different rosters. On the professional side, one can explore various job opportunities with a personalized profile and apply for the same with a single click. The app also has AI-based matchmaking that helps users connect with new users and play together!

MK: While it’s a social networking application dedicated only to gamers, how would Qlan manage to oppose the giants of social networking applications like Instagram, Facebook?

NS: While giants like Instagram and Facebook are social networks that focus on content and entertainment across multiple genres, Qlan is a solution-oriented network focused on gaming and esports as a genre. The depth at which Qlan understands its users is different from IG or FB which helps them interact and connect with the right people. When it comes to content gamers have to break through the huge clutter on these platforms to find the right audience and then start building, on Qlan creators have a bespoke audience who are actively looking for game content they can start building from scratch and don’t worry about finding an audience.

MK: How beneficial is your platform for advertisers?

NS: On Qlan, advertising is a future critical mass game. The goal now is to create a thriving community of gamers and esports enthusiasts. Brands will be able to benefit from this very Gen Z and Millennial dominated community in the future, with native and branded content. The brand will also be able to collaborate with creators and influencers exclusive to Qlan; Qlan Qcreators!

MK: Where does Qlan see itself in the near future, in terms of growth, efficiency, success and reliability?

NS: People think of Instagram when it comes to entertainment and lifestyle, people think of Linkedin when it comes to business networking. We want gaming enthusiasts around the world to think of Qlan when it comes to gaming and esports.

MK: How does Qlan differ from foreign counterparts like UNBNLD, GamerLink, etc. ?

NS: UNBNLD being an interest-based community platform, caters to varied interests and has a location game. Qlan is a genre-specific social network that focuses solely on games and esports, for which there are no limits of any kind. While Gamerlink operates in a similar space, Qlan takes it a step further by breaking down a gamer’s profile, game stats, gaming device, language preferences and more. Qlan also offers Squad profiles for competitive esports teams and Org profiles for established and budding gaming and esports businesses.

MK: How does the platform enable professionals to search for job and career opportunities and help gaming organizations reach a targeted audience, all within a single ecosystem?

SN: Qlan as a platform has a whole module in development that governs the professional side of esports and helps aspiring gamers reach out to esports organizations and professionals to discover opportunities. The main highlight in this regard is that the platform allows the user to upload a CV with just a click of a button and share it wherever the user needs it.

MK: How does the platform work – how much technology is involved in building a platform like this?

NS: The app currently runs on React Native. ML and AI can be expected to play a crucial role as we scale and cater to a growing user base. Qlan’s features are designed to be based on data, games played, game statistics, language proficiency, content preferences, etc. will play a central role in a player‘s journey and experience on Qlan.

MK: What can gamers expect from your company in 2022 and is there a company vision for this particular year?

NS: The beta phase of Qlan aimed to better understand our users and their needs. As we emerge from the beta phase, gamers can expect a range of first-class features on Qlan that will facilitate solutions to the multiple core issues faced by the gaming and esports community today.


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