Rhythm Sprout hands-on overview and gameplay


Start of our Rhythm Push preview makes me wonder if you ever enjoyed eating vegetables and exercising, if so, congratulations on your lifestyle choices first of all. Second, if you enjoyed the last two things AND the music, then you’re in luck. A fit little sprout on a mission to save a kingdom from bad candy by marching and plowing through many lands to achieve it.

From the new developer, SURT, comes Rhythm push, a new rhythm game that is simple to understand and learn and can be difficult to master. Using your controller or keyboard, you can play through numerous terrains with different themes and music choices. Rhythm Push is a neat little game that has a lot of heart and pizzazz to show off is pretty impressive from the first game.

Rhythm Push
Developer: SURT
Publisher: TinyBuild
Platforms: Microsoft Windows (preview), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release date: to be determined
Players: 1
Price: to be determined

Rhythm Push takes place in a kingdom where everything is vegetal and wholesome, and you assume the role of Sprout, the chosen onion.

You’re tasked by King Brock with saving the kingdom from King Sugar Daddy and bad candy…and maybe Princess Cauliflower, too. During your journey, you will meet other vegetables and have a very “interesting” dialogue with them.

The story in Rhythm Pushlike in the demo, is brief but gives a good understanding of what’s going on in the world around you and makes your journey a bit more fun.

Equipped only with your sports clothes, your sword, your headphones and your medieval helmet, you cross several lands to the rhythm of the music.

Rhythm games are pretty easy to get into, with Rhythm Push, it becomes easier with a 3-button input system. It’s fairly easy to learn and adapt to and can be quite challenging for more hardcore rhythm game players. Before each stage begins, you can see the entries so you know what your setup is for collecting the bars.

A ranking system in the form of when you collect bars is displayed on the lower right HUD. Each can be A, B, C, and F. There are also dodge symbols during gameplay, usually when enemies attack with beams and rarely when passing through an area.

At the end of each step of Rhythm Push a combo and score counter are present to show what is cleared, and from what I can assume shows completion and helps with unlocking.

Your move progress is tracked at the top of the screen indicating how far you have left to go. In the same way as a game like Muse Dash, you fight enemies in the middle of a rhythm song to move forward. It’s been a fun experience so far and it can only get better with more areas to explore with more songs.

Cartoon and stylized is the best way to describe the graphics of this cute rhythm game. Rhythm Push is attractive and not something to complain about at all.

Each area you pass through is themed; In the demo you have 3 different locations which include a snowy village, a haunted mansion and a beach.

Chromatic aberration is used for the world and characters while the HUD and other gameplay elements remain intact.

The HUD is also easy to read and uncluttered so you can see everything you want to see. It’s a fresh and sharp design built for the big beats of the game.

Of course, the music in Rhythm Push is the most important factor in the game since it’s a rhythm game (duh). Although they are not listed by any big names or known names, they are no lesser in quality because of that.

The songs are catchy, high quality and also make for a good listen at every stage you come across. Even the menu music is a good bop with a great chord progression.

As for the sound effects, they are minimal. There’s also no dubbing, but rather unintelligible default gibberish but with subtitles provided anyway.

In my opinion, the lack of voice acting is one of its greatest strengths. Overall the audio design is excellent and I hope there is no drop in its quality.

Ultimately, Rhythm Push is a great start for a new franchise that I think can go the distance, no pun intended. It’s quite fun to play for those little gaming sessions where you have a few moments to kill time. If you want an addition to your rhythm game library, this is the one.

Playable on all your favorite game consoles and PCs, Rhythm Push is also playable on Steam Deck if you really want to waste time in the car, train or bus. For more information regarding Rhythm Sprout’s release date, be sure to check out its Steam page and official website.


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