Roguelite NecroBouncer dungeon crawler launching in Q3 2022


Ravenage Games and Alchemy Sheep released a new trailer for NecroBounceras well as a new publishing window.

The roguelite dungeon crawler NecroBouncer releases in Q3 2022 for Windows PC and Mac via Steam.

In NecroBouncer, players control a necromancer bouncer in a procedurally generated dungeon nightclub. Dispatch your enemies with an arsenal of upgradable weapons and spells. Get stronger with each run to increase your chances of killing all deadly bosses in the dungeon. Create your own playstyle by combining the various weapons and powers dropped by the game’s many enemies and bosses.

You can find the new gameplay trailer below.

You can find a preview (via Steam) below:


Hey buddy! Take your magic staff and find yourself in the shoes of a necromancer working as a bouncer in a nightclub. Every day he selflessly crawls around the dungeon club to do it again and again in an endless loop of desperation. You will face hordes of enemies that have been unleashed while you were away from the workplace. It’s time to show those pathetic dogs who’s in charge!

Do you remember the golden years when you ran home as fast as you could after school so you could play your favorite games on the computer or console until your parents got home from work? Thanks to NecroBouncer, you are sure to have a lot of old-fashioned fun.

It’ll be a long road through winding corridors, clearing room after room of miserable – and not so – enemies, to finally face off in an epic battle with hardcore bosses, each with their own unique style and mechanics. Defeating them will not only unlock a new path, but also grant access to new abilities and skills. You will have the chance to collect gems containing the power of the bosses, to turn the fight to your advantage later.


  • Dungeon Interior Designer Simulator – Want adventure? Visit our club to hack and slash your way to victory! Destroy tons of enemies and upgrade the interior of the club by painting the floors with their pixelated blood! Make dishonest bosses meet their ancestors, proving that the decision to stand in your way was the worst mistake of their miserable lives. Use their power gems to improve your skills! Combine them in different ways to get a new build and grind your old aggressors to dust!
  • Resurrection for total annihilation – Come back stronger, angrier and more heavily armed after each defeat. Invent new strategies, use new abilities and find new ways to achieve your goal. Customize and upgrade your outfit! Each new look is unique! Unlock them all and enrich your experience!
  • So welcome to the club, buddy! – Combine the abilities of defeated bosses with items from a nearly endless list, use unique outfits, and create unique builds to suit your playstyle to unleash your wrath on the heads of arrogant intruders! And don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay informed.

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