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Rovio has launched the latest entry in the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Journey, with the return of slingshot gameplay.

This entry is the first in seven years to use the slingshot puzzle game genre since a departure and exploration of other genres. Its official release came more than a year after the title’s first soft launch.

The laid-back gameplay has been reworked and modernized from the 12-year-old original, with a new storyline based around finding artifacts called Egg Wonders. These must be activated by the birds before the pigs reach them.

Back to the nest

“The love for the original slingshot gameplay is still strong after 12 years. Today, with the global launch of Angry Birds Journey, we’re excited to introduce players to an all-new Angry Birds experience that puts the slingshot at the center from the scene.” said Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand.

“While vastly different from classic games in its updated and streamlined gameplay, Angry Birds Journey is filled with the same satisfying gameplay and iconic characters that have defined Angry Birds games over the years.

Pelletier-Normand continued, “We think Angry Birds Journey has something for long-time Angry Birds fans to love, but is also more accessible and therefore a great entry point for those who have never experienced classic slingshot games.”

Early bird players (those who download Angry Birds Journey from the App Store or Google Play Store within its first week) are ready to receive useful in-game items.

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