Snakelikes – The five best mobile games like Snake


Modern games often wear their influences on their sleeves, and we’re seeing this more and more with the new trend in subgenres. Things like Souls-likes, Roguelike games, and even Metroidvania immediately refer to older games with their names. Terms like this quickly capture the idea of ​​a game and give you an idea of ​​what to expect when you start the game. So why are some classic games immune to this genre-fication? Where are the Snakelikes?

We have gathered some of the best mobile games like Snake right now, which means this is a list of games that have taken the classic Snake formula and turned it into something new and fun.

Is it hard? Snake is an old game, and just like many arcade games, it is incredibly simple and clean in design. In fact, Taneli Armanto’s classic title is to simply move in one of the four main directions collecting fruit to grow bigger and keep doing it – while dodging your own tail and walls – for as long as you can. can. When I say pure in design, I mean I can, and I just did, literally describe the game in one sentence.

So what makes a game look like a snake in this case. If you can count the characteristics on the one hand, then it is quite simple to lay out a few basics: you can erase yourself on the walls and your own tail; You can eat things to gain points and gain weight; and, the controls are incredibly simple to make it easier to play. It’s actually a pretty specific set of items, maybe even more restrictive than other genres.

There are some non-mobile games that might be a perfect fit for the title, Pix the Cat, for example, has you playing as a digital cat that dives from level to level, collecting eggs that then turn into ducks that follow you. You have to dodge the walls and your own duck tail before you cash them in to score points. Interestingly though, due to the labyrinth-like layout of the levels, the creator, Pastagames, actually considers it closer to PacMan … ouh. But, luckily, we’ve dodged that bullet because we’re here to talk about specifically mobile games.

So we have some interesting titles in store for you over the next few pages, click the big button below to find out what we think are the best mobile games like Snake available right now.

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