So, do you want to be a pro gamer? It’s time to go mobile


The Samsung Note9, Muselk points out, has a long battery life and huge memory capacity, expandable up to a terabyte if you buy a 512GB microSD card.

“It’s completely crazy – not just on the gaming front,” he says. “I’ve been going to an event for a long time now and can’t really be bothered with my big, heavy camera. Cameras on cell phones these days are fantastic. They do everything like games, videos, photos, so I just use the Note9.

Besides having the right phone, his advice to aspiring pro-gamers is, “Don’t just go for it.”

“I had 100,000 subscribers before I even thought of doing this full-time,” he says. “But if you want to do it, you’ve got the passion, go for it. There are very few barriers to entry, as all you need is a device to play games and a semi-passable microphone which you can get for around $ 50.

“You have to try to bring your own personality, your own personality to your content, and that’s what sets you apart, and with me, it’s about being energetic and excitable, but also not taking anything too much away. serious.

“At the end of the day, when it comes to winning a game rather than trying something that will probably fail but still be funny, I always prefer the funny.”

And while Muselk remains coy about revealing his true identity, what does his online ID actually mean?

“Absolutely nothing,” he laughs. “It was just something I imagined in grade 10, before I had a YouTube channel. Everyone thinks there is a meaning behind it – I just thought it sounded good, but it is pronounced in every way you can think of.


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