Some of our favorite WFH accessories for the casual gamer


If you are working from home and discovering or rediscovering the love of gaming, there are plenty of accessories that could make both more enjoyable. From the Drop ALT keyboard and ATH-G1WL gaming headset to the oversized Glorious mouse pad, head below to watch a video of some of our favorite accessories we recently reviewed.

Glorious PC Gaming XXL Extended Mouse Pad

The first is one of my more recent additions, which is the $ 37 Glorious PC Gaming XXL Extended Mouse Pad. This beast measures 18 x 36 inches, but isn’t even the largest mousepad offered by Glorious. As an FPS gamer, I like having a large mouse pad for big swipes. Since I also type a lot for work, I also like being able to move my keyboard to a better position for typing or playing. Having a large mouse pad like this just allows me to reposition everything without overlapping my old mouse pad.

It also helps define my immediate workspace. Often times things can get pretty cluttered on my desk, but having this mouse pad sort of has borders built around the area that I would like to keep clean. The black fabric finish I chose also shows off the crumbs quite well, prompting me to clean it more frequently.

Remove the ALT keyboard

Another thing I loved adding to my WFH and gaming setup is the Drop ALT keyboard. Obviously, there are tons of gaming and productivity keyboards out there, but I quickly became a huge fan of ALT. Its clean, high-quality and compact design and hot-swappable switches make it enjoyable for gaming, typing, and DIY.

WFH casual game accessories: video

Switching Switching

One of the fun things about Drop ALT is the ability to hot swap the switches. You probably won’t want to do this every day, but since you don’t have to solder the switches, you can have a totally different touch keyboard in 20 minutes. Currently I have Cherry MX Blue and Halo Clear switch sets that I have changed several times. I also placed an order for Gateron Browns from Drop, which should ship soon.

The only problem with the Drop ALT is that due to their batch manufacturing process you may have to wait a bit to receive it after placing an order. Currently, the next batch of ALT keyboards are expected to ship around July 10.

If you want to clean up your setup even more with a small keyboard, check out wired / wireless Keychron K2 in this review by Jeff on 9to5Mac.

Need something bigger?

If you need a full-size keyboard, Drop has the SHIFT model which features a numeric keypad in a compact design, but I still have to recommend the Razer Huntsman or Huntsman Elite. I love the feel of these switches. Although the clicky opto-mechanical switches are quite loud, they do feel good. This is perfect for a WFH situation as the noise can irritate your colleagues in an office a bit.

Audio Technica ATX-G1WL

In my opinion, one of the best accessories you can buy is a decent gaming headset for listening to music, gaming, and taking conference calls. Again, there are tons of great options. The one that I found myself using most recently, however, is the ATH-G1WL from Audio-Technica. It sounds great, and better yet, the microphone sounds great for wireless headphones as well. Check out our video review for hear it in action. This makes it ideal for conferences and video calls as well as for playing games with your friends.

While the 16 hours of battery life isn’t the best, it’s easy to keep it plugged in after I’m done using it by placing it on an anchor side that holds the charging cable. within easy reach just below.


While this is a short list, here are a few of our favorite accessories that make working at home and a casual gamer a little more enjoyable. Whether you’re calculating numbers or clicking heads,

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