SUPERCAT Announces Game Development Contest With Crypto Reward


South Korean game developer SUPERCAT has announced a game development contest with a crypto reward pool worth $10,000. The competition is to create a video game in their free creation studio Punkland.

It runs from April 26 through June 26, with up to 10 winners receiving evenly distributed portions of KLAY from a prize pool worth $10,000.

Here is an overview of the game development competition with a crypto reward:

SUPERCAT competition with a crypto reward

The competition runs from April 26 to June 26. Teams or individual developers who publish games using the Punkland Web3 game development platform can enter those games in the contest to compete for $10,000 KLAY in prizes to be awarded in the RPG categories, PVP games and minigames.

Punkland is a game development platform that allows users to create 2D multiplayer games without needing to know how to code.

Punkland is based on SUPERCAT’s previous platform, Nekoland, which allowed developers to create 2D MMOs and release them on mobile platforms. Nekoland developers have earned millions in revenue since its debut in 2019.

Punkland differs from its predecessor in that it allows users to publish games directly to the web. It also allows developers to add Web3 functionality to their games, such as allowing players to create in-game items as NFTs and connect NFTs from other projects and games to their own projects.

With Punkland, developers can create NFT-related game features on a user’s wallet and can have their games perform these checks without needing to know coding. Developers can upload their own resources to create truly original games, and can also allow users to list game items they create as NFTs on OpenSea.

There has been a lot of interest in implementing Web3 technologies such as blockchain and NFTs in video games.

At one end of the spectrum, some crypto-based companies are buying game studios outright, while game developers at the other end are looking to acquire Web3 companies and implement sidechains as part of their content ecosystem. The concept of Play to Earn (P2E) as a new business model for video games has many gamers and even some gaming industry influencers skeptical of its rosy claims.

However, community projects and contests like this are a sign that some members of the Web3 gaming community are interested in building a community around this new wave of technology.

Embracing the tradition of indie game jams, SUPERCAT’s game development contest with a crypto reward should pique the interest of all amateur game designers who want to join the ever-evolving conversation around future impact. from web3 on game design and the industry as a whole.

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