Temperia: Soul of Majestic freehand online card game announced


Leonardo Interactive announced Temperia: Majestic soul, a competitive online card game by MoonWolf Entertainment and A2 Softworks.

Temperia: Majestic soul is a free online card game. One of the key mechanics of the game is that it is “open hands” meaning that both players have complete knowledge of the cards in their opponent’s hand. Players build two decks, one containing 20 creatures, the other containing 20 pieces of equipment, and place their cards on boards with different elemental spaces. You can find the trailer below.

You can find a preview (via Steam) below:

Temperia: Majestic soul is a strategic competitive online card game. Fast, strategic and totally open, each match is different from the others thanks to the abilities of the creatures, equipment, powers and elemental spaces presented in the board. Temperia is based on the skill of the player!

The particular style of play, totally open and the combination of two decks in one, consisting of 20 Creature cards and 20 Equipment cards, are characteristics that make One of a kind temperia.

  • HANDS FREE – One of the distinguishing features of Temperia: Soul of Majestic is the open hand game mechanic, in which all cards are face up. An innovative feature that allows you to play head to head against your opponent without any secrets!
  • DEPENDING ON SKILLS – Reach the top of the international competitive scene according to your abilities. Much like chess – where everything is on display – in Temperia, you must harness freehand mechanics to plan for changing dynamics and deploy different strategies, bringing to life exciting and never repetitive matches. Defeat your opponents, prove your skills, climb the leaderboards and assert yourself on the E-sport scene of Temperia: Soul of Majestic!
  • RANDOM – Strategy and composure required. Temperia is a game of skill where chance is limited and the impact of chance is minimal. Got ice in your veins and are you ready to put your abilities to the test?
  • BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS – The developers, Enrico “Wolfillupo” Fedoni and Dario “Moonryde” Ferracci are hardcore gamers and Twitch streamers whose experience and expertise ensure that they pay close attention to the needs of players during the game design phase. Temperia is a game created by gamers for gamers.
  • COMMUNITY BASED – Temperia has been tested by hundreds of players around the world with positive feedback. The developers listened to their community to improve the product thanks to the responses received. Do not hesitate any longer, play Temperia: Soul of Majestic and share your opinion!

Temperia: Majestic soul between Early Access Q1 2022 for Windows PC via Steam.


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